We want to hear all about you!

With so many Yorkies in our community, we want to start sharing your stories too! 

Loki (who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge) and Rosie are our adorable yorkies and we want to learn all about your yorkies. We want to know when you got them, why, are they still with you, and everything in between.

Copy the questions below and send us an email at yorkietimes@gmail.com with the answers to all the questions and pictures! Lots of pictures and videos if you have any.

We will be featuring a new yorkie every week so get your submissions in quickly! 

Lots of Love from Loki & Rosie’s hoomans!

  1. Name of Yorkie
  2. Age of Yorkie & birthday
  3. Do you have more than one Yorkie?
  4. Girl or boy Yorkie?
  5. How did they wiggle into your life?
  6. Are they a standard, Biewer/Parti, or cross-bred Yorkie (we love them all)?
  7. What does your Yorkie like best?
  8. How do they show you affection?
  9. Do they have a favorite toy?
  10. How do they react to other pets (yours or visitors):
  11. How do they like rain/snow/sunshine (is there a weather they react to more)?
  12. Tell us about any fun swimming or snow experiences?
  13. Do they have a best friend other than you 🙂
  14. Tell us your favorite snuggle or adventure Yorkie story.
  15. Name of Yorkie’s Hooman (aka you) for photo credits.
  16. Do you give us permission to use the photos on the website in the article? (Required to be highlighted on the website.)
  17. Do you give us permission to use the photos in memes, social media?
  18. We’ve been asked about a Yorkie calendar. Do you give us permission to use the photo in Yorkie calendar if we create one in the future?


We are excited to learn all about you and your yorkies!

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