Yorkies brush their teeth

Everyone needs to do it!

When it comes to brushing your Yorkies teeth, I’m sure people struggle with it.

Whether the Yorkie hides when their toothbrush comes out.

Or won’t cooperate and clenches their mouth shut.

The Yorkies in this video seem to be quite helpful when brushing their teeth.

How cute are they?

Tips and tricks for brushing your Yorkies teeth:

Healthy Dog Teeth Tips – Catalogs.com


The trick is to expose your dog to teeth brushing at the youngest age possible. Some people find it easiest to use a finger brush to get the fronts and backs of all those dog choppers. Also, if you’re afraid of getting bitten, you …

Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth – Tips & Tricks – the cincy dog …


Over 80% of dogs age 3 and over suffer from periodontal disease. While you may never notice by simply looking at their teeth on a daily basis (barring a thorough examination), you will probably notice their smelly breath.

Tips for Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth | Ameritas Insight


Many dog owners wonder whether they really need to brush their dog’s teeth. They may be concerned about the amount of time the task will require or be uncertain about what they need to do. Consider the following four tips …

Keeping a dog’s teeth healthy can increase life expectancy …


Studies show that keeping a pet’s mouth healthy may increase life expectancy as much as two years Owners can prevent or reduce their dog’s chances of developing oral disease by beginning a hygiene regimen at an early age “It’s important to start good oral hygiene as. … Shore News Today · Tips Keeping a dog’s teeth healthy can increase life expectancy … Once the dog is used to having its teeth brushed, increase the time to about a minute every day. Treats can …