Yorkies are notorious for their adorable looks and feisty personalities, but did you know they can also be quite jealous? These pint-sized pooches may seem innocent and harmless, but underneath their cute exterior lies a bundle of jealousy ready to be unleashed.

One of the most evident ways Yorkies show jealousy is their possessiveness over their owners. They want all the attention to themselves and often become territorial when someone else tries to come close to their beloved human. Whether it’s another pet or a family member, a Yorkie can quickly become green-eyed and may even resort to aggressive behavior to claim what they perceive as theirs.

Understanding and managing a Yorkie’s jealousy is crucial to maintaining a happy household. The Yorkie Times is here to educate on not only how Yorkies show jealousy, but why and ways to fix the issue. By addressing their needs for attention and reassurance, you can create a loving and secure environment for your jealous little companion. 

Reasons and Fixes for When Yorkies Show Jealousy

Understanding Yorkies’ Emotions

Emotional intelligence in dogs is fascinating, and Yorkies are no exception. These small, adorable dogs are not only known for their loyalty and affection, but they also have a remarkable ability to understand and express emotions. Yorkies possess emotional intelligence that allows them to form deep bonds with their owners and feel a wide range of emotions.

One emotion that Yorkies are known to experience is jealousy. These dogs can become possessive and resentful when they feel their owners are giving more attention or affection to someone else or another pet. They may exhibit behaviors such as barking, growling, or even displaying signs of aggression.

It is important for Yorkie owners to be mindful of this trait and provide equal love and attention to all members of the household to prevent any negative emotions from arising. By understanding and addressing their emotions, we can create a happy environment for our beloved Yorkies. 

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Signs of Jealousy in Yorkies

Jealousy is not exclusive to humans, and Yorkies can also exhibit signs of jealousy in various ways. It is important for Yorkie owners to be aware of these signs and address them appropriately. Providing extra attention and reassurance, establishing boundaries and rules, and ensuring equal access to resources can help alleviate jealousy and create a more comfortable environment for both the Yorkie and the envied person or animal. 

Aggressive Behavior

One common indicator of jealousy is aggressive behavior towards the person or animal they envy. They may growl, snap, or even bite in an attempt to assert their dominance.

Attention-Seeking Behaviors

Another sign of jealousy is attention-seeking behavior. Yorkies may try to get more attention from their owners by barking more than usual, jumping up on them, or even trying to push themselves in between their target of envy and their owner. 


Possessiveness over toys or belongings is another potential indicator of jealousy. Yorkies may become overly protective of their toys, growling or even refusing to let others approach them.

Habit Changes

Changes in eating or sleeping habits can also suggest jealousy. They may suddenly lose interest in their food or have difficulty falling asleep due to their preoccupation with the person or animal they envy.

Causes of Jealousy in Yorkies

Jealousy is a common emotion observed in Yorkies when certain situations arise. It is essential to recognize these signs of jealousy in Yorkies and address them appropriately to maintain a harmonious and balanced environment for these beloved pets. 

Introduction of a New Family Member

The introduction of a new family member, whether it be a human or pet, can trigger feelings of envy in these small dogs. They may display signs of jealousy by whining, barking excessively, or growling when attention is given to the newcomer. 

Divided Attention

When Yorkies feel that their owner’s attention is divided among multiple pets, they may become jealous and exhibit signs of possessiveness. This can involve attempts to jump in between their owner and the other pet or displaying aggressive behavior towards the rival pet.

Giving Away Favorite Toy or Treat

Another situation that may trigger jealousy in Yorkies is when their favorite toy or treat is given to another pet. They may become agitated, snatch the toy away, or growl at the other pet in an attempt to protect what they perceive as their own. It is essential to recognize these signs of jealousy in Yorkies and address them appropriately to maintain a harmonious and balanced environment for these beloved pets. 

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Dealing with Yorkie’s Jealousy

Dealing with a Yorkie’s jealousy can be a challenging task, but with patience and consistency, it is manageable. Dealing with a Yorkie’s jealousy requires understanding and patience. With consistent attention, positive reinforcement training, and a secure routine, you can help your Yorkie feel loved and secure. 

Avoid Situations That Trigger Jealousy

To avoid triggering jealousy in your Yorkie, it is important to be aware of situations that may cause them to feel left out or overlooked. For example, if you have another pet or a new baby, ensure that you give your Yorkie extra attention and reassurance during these times.

Provide Equal Attention and Affection

It is crucial to provide equal amounts of attention and affection to all pets in the household. This means giving your Yorkie quality one-on-one time, taking them for walks, and engaging in bonding activities.

Positive Reinforcement Training

Additionally, incorporating positive reinforcement training can help manage your Yorkie’s jealousy. When your Yorkie displays non-jealous behavior, such as staying calm when you give attention to someone else, reward them with treats and praise. This will reinforce their good behavior and hopefully discourage jealousy.

Set Boundaries and Routines

It is also important to set boundaries and establish a routine to help your Yorkie feel secure. By consistently maintaining a schedule and providing structure, your Yorkie will have a sense of stability and will be less likely to feel jealous.

More Tips for Minimizing Jealousy in Yorkies

When it comes to minimizing jealousy in Yorkies, there are a few more tips to keep in mind.

Gradual Introductions for New Family Members

Gradual introductions are key, especially when it comes to new family members or other pets. Giving your Yorkie time to adjust and become familiar with these new additions can help reduce feelings of jealousy.

Rotating Fovorite Toys or Treats

Another helpful tactic is rotating favorite toys or treats. Yorkies can get possessive over their belongings, so by regularly switching out their prized possessions, you eliminate the chance for jealousy to arise.

Schedule Quality Time

Scheduling quality one-on-one time with your Yorkie is crucial. This allows them to feel valued and loved, which reduces the likelihood of jealousy towards others. Whether it’s going for a walk, playing fetch, or simply cuddling on the couch, dedicating time specifically for your Yorkie will strengthen your bond and alleviate any feelings of jealousy. By implementing these strategies, you can create a harmonious and jealousy-free environment for your Yorkie. 

We know that as our beloved small dogs become attached, there are issues that will arise. If you are unsure about what your Yorkie is going through such as the emergence of aggression or other drastic changes in behavior, please consult your veterinarian. The Yorkie Times loves to share our knowledge and answer any questions that you may have! You can leave a question below or reach out to us on Facebook!

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