Yorkie Bath Time Tips To Help!

Here are 4 ways to make bath time pawsome for the both of you!

1 – Tire them out

Take your Yorkie on a walk to wind them down. One benefit of walking your dog on a leash is focused energy expulsion. Leashed walking is a team effort. The dog focuses on their human and the task at hand. This type of exercise will calm your dog, putting them in a perfect state for bathing.

2 – Keep them calm

The most important rule to keeping your pooch calm is be calm yourself. If you try to get the dog excited about bath time by using a high-pitched, loud voice it could backfire and end up further stressing the dog. The goal is to make bath time fun and relaxing for your Yorkie. Keep your voice low and at its normal pitch. Any correction should be with a gentle yet assertive tone or with non-verbal correction.


3 – Make them comfortable

Most Yorkies are small enough to bathe in the sink rather than in the tub. The smaller space of the sink may give the pup a sense of security and help to calm them. It also makes it easier for you to keep them contained and controlled.

Keep a tepid water temp. An extreme temperature can shock your Yorkie, causing further stress.

You could also try lavender in their bath water as well. Dogs have keen noses and lavender is widely used for its calming effects.

4 – Distract them

If your pup enjoys toys, bones and treats then make them a part of bath time! Give your dog a chance to associate this time with focused attention from you rather than something to avoid.  Your calming voice is always a good distraction as well.

The key to making bath time enjoyable for you both is ensuring a calm, controlled environment. Whether you bath once a week (longer hairstyles) or every two to three weeks (shorter hairstyles) be sure to take your time and make it a good experience you both can look forward to.

Having a Yorkie that does not yet enjoy bath time a challenge. The Yorkie Times is here to support you. Comment below with any questions you may have regarding this topic or any Yorkie related topic.

Happy Bathing!


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