Tips For Taking Care Of Your Yorkie’s Long-Hair

Affectionately known as “Yorkies”, the Yorkshire Terrier breed of dogs is known for having long luxurious coats that when allowed to grow out completely drapes the floor.

Traditionally, long hair on the top of the Yorkie head is kept in a topknot or pony-tail that serves to keep the hair out of the eyes and gives the face a cute look. Long ear hair is short on the tip to enhance the lay of the coat and overall look.

Many Yorkie owners like to leave the topknot hair loose and hanging down on a boy Yorkie for a masculine look. Girls wear a barrette or bows.

Keep in mind, Yorkies and Yorkie crossbred dogs have sensitive skin which requires a gentle touch.

These tips make grooming easier:

Long Haired Grooming Tip #1

Make grooming a good experience the dog will look forward by using praising words and petting while telling the Yorkie to “stay still”. If they move stop petting; place the pup back where you want them and pet again.

Long Haired Grooming Tip #2

Before beginning to brush Yorkies, use your fingers to pull tangled hair apart gently. Do not pull out tangles with the brush or comb. Always brush or comb the hair one small piece of hair at a time, one section of the body at a time. Brush from the end of the small strand of hair to the root. Lay that piece aside and do another strand of hair.

Long Haired Grooming Tip #3

Always brush before bathing and use a coat conditioner or cream rinse as directed on the bottle. Never wash or wet tangled coated Yorkies. The tangles tighten-up when dry making the hair pull tight against the skin.

You can learn more about caring for your Yorkies at Yorkie Times or contact us.

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