Yorkie Christmas adventure!

Holidays are fun times for lots of people. Family and friends all around but what about your yorkies on Christmas day?

Every Yorkie deserves a Christmas adventure!

This little yorkie goes on an amazing adventure all over the city on Christmas Day!

It makes me wonder if my tradition of relaxing Christmas Day should change? Perhaps a trip to the dog park so Rosie can run around like a crazy puppy and not bark at the sound elevator doors opening… probably not!


Is your yorkie a sniffer?

Does your yorkie LOVE to sniff everything? Have you heard of nose work? It’s an activity that you and your yorkies  (and other dogs) can do together and it provides amazing mental and physical stimulation for dogs who love to sniff. The sport challenges your furbaby to use their nose to locate a certain scent (like birch, anise or clove, for example) and alert you to the location of the odor.

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