What can you learn from yorkies?

Small in stature but large in personality, Yorkies have a lot to teach their human companions. Here are just a few lessons they love to share and we can learn from yorkies:

1 – How to Be Brave

Afraid of the bully down the street or what could be lurking in the shadows? Not your Yorkie. Whether it’s a larger dog, a human, or even a bear, your Yorkie will stand tall against any threat.  So, even if you’re a little afraid of something, don’t worry. With a wealth of courage and undying loyalty, your Yorkie will always have your back.

2 – How to Be a Good Companion

A good companion wants to make sure you feel good and are comfortable at all times. Yorkies excel at this.  Is your lap feeling a bit cold?  No worries, your Yorkie will take care of that by curling up on it and sharing his body heat with you.

Are you stressed out over something or feeling a little down?

Your Yorkie will always make himself available for belly rubs to help increase those ‘feel good’ hormones inside you. Do you ever feel lonely? Well, no more. Your Yorkie would feel like he wasn’t doing his job if he didn’t accompany you on your journeys throughout the house, and wherever else you would like to take him. But don’t worry about him becoming a nuisance.  Like all terrier breeds, Yorkies enjoy their independence.  If you need some space, your Yorkie will happily entertain himself with his toys.

Who could ask for a better companion than that?


3 – How to Be Self-Confident

Yorkies are experts at walking with their heads held high no matter what the circumstances. In fact, it’s a breed standard. Good hair day, bad hair day, rain, wind, cold, a gentle scolding, it doesn’t matter.

Your Yorkie is confident in his adorableness, and he is intelligent enough to know that things are bound to get better any minute now. Keep him close and this abundance of self-confidence just may rub off on you.

4 – How to Keep Your House Rodent-Free

Originally bred to catch rats, your Yorkie’s natural instinct is to keep your home rodent free. Small enough to patrol every area of your house, your Yorkie could give an exterminator a run for his money. Your house is already rodent free? That’s okay, a good squeak toy will help keep your Yorkie in practice just in case.

These are just a few examples of things you can learn from your Yorkie.  If you would like to know more about what your Yorkie can teach you, or what you can teach your Yorkie, visit our training page.  

We love to talk Yorkies!

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