Does grooming feel overwhelming?

You want to keep your Yorkie happy, pretty and clean.

The best way to accomplish this is to make sure you have properly maintained your Yorkie’s appearance in between grooming appointments.

When it comes to managing Yorkie Grooming, there is a lot to be done in between trips to the groomers.

To make each visit to the groomers a pleasant one for both you and your Yorkie, there are a few things you can do daily and weekly.

Grooming Upkeep Tip #1

Combing your Yorkie’s hair daily is essential.

The hair of your Yorkie is thin and can easily become matted if not taken care of. For best results in maintaining a Yorkie’s appearance, make sure you comb their hair often, to keep it silky and smooth.

Grooming Upkeep Tip #2

Bathing your Yorkie once every two weeks is important, especially if your Yorkie loves to play in the dirt!

A Yorkie is prone to getting matted hair because their hair is so soft and thin. But if you bathe your Yorkie enough, you will keep their hair free of dirt and have minimal chances of getting matted.

Grooming Upkeep Tip #3

Maintaining the hair around the eyes.

A Yorkie’s hair can grow quickly. If not watched carefully, the hair around the eyes can get long enough to get in the way of a Yorkie being able to see very well. The best way to avoid this is trimming the hair often enough, so it doesn’t grow too long.

If you follow these tips, you can rest assure that you will have a clean, groomed and happy Yorkie.

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