Great Grooming Tips To Help Get You Started!

Yorkshire Terriers and Yorkie cross-mixes are adorable little balls of fluff, but maintaining that look requires regular grooming that can take some getting used to.

Here are some tips to help new Yorkie parents:

1 – Get into a regular bathing schedule.

Yorkie hair is quite similar to human hair, unfortunately, this includes the idiosyncrasies of thick, thin, dry, and oily hair types. Ideally, you would only bathe a dog every two weeks, but owners with oily haired babies might find it prudent to bathe them a little more frequently. Make sure to use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner designed for dogs.

2 – Tame the top knot!

Before I owned a Yorkie I never had to worry about the topmost hair on my dogs, but with this breed, you have to come up with a strategy to style it so your dog can see. One strategy is to get your baby groomed regularly to keep the hair short, teddy-bear like, and out of their face. The second option is to accessorize with ponytails, pigtails, bows, or clips. I prefer to accessorize because it saves grooming time, preserves the gorgeous locks, and allows you to get creative and give your pup a great holiday looks.

3 – Take care of those paws.

In addition to regular pedicures to keep nails short and safe, remember to trim the hair around and in-between their toes and pads. Long hair around the feet is a hazard of the breed and needs to be trimmed to help your little ones keep traction.

4 – Your little pitchers have dirty ears.

Like most dogs with folded over ears, Yorkies need to be carefully bathed to avoid moisture getting into their ears and causing infections. In lieu of washing them with water, ears should be cleaned carefully with Q-tips and dog-safe ear cleansers that evaporate and leave ears clean and dry.

5 – Brush those canines.

Just like humans, your Yorkies need their teeth brushed regularly to ensure good dental hygiene. Never use toothpaste intended for humans. There are kinds of toothpaste just for dogs that are often flavored with chicken or beef that will trick your pooch into thinking it’s a special treat.

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