Come on … one more time on the slide!

This is way waaay too cute. Look at that! Look at how happy that little yorkie is! I think I was giggling throughout the entire video because that is just too funny and adorable. Repeatedly going back up to the slide for some more fun.

It’s yorkie slide time!!

I cannot get over how excited she looks every time she slides down the slide and how she suddenly turns into a lightning bolt trying to get back up to the top of the stairs as fast as she can just to feel that excitement from sliding down the slide all over again. That little yorkie enjoyed that slide probably just as much, maybe even more than a young child riding it would have and that is just awesome. Look at that tail wag from excitement as she is sliding down the slide! It is just all over the place!

I honestly must say, I would love to see my pup as happy as that yorkie going down that slide but I just do not think she would ever want to slide down a slide like that. But at least that little yorkie just about had the time of her life! 

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