Little breed that’s lots of fun

It’s no debate that a dog is a person’s best friend but many people have differing opinions on what breed holds that title.

Here comes the Yorkie aka Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkie is a fun, lovable, spunky, full-of-energy, bundle of joy ready to pounce into your life and melt your heart! If you’ve ever wondered what makes a Yorkie so special, read on and discover some interesting and heartwarming facts about these cute little creatures!

  • The life span of a Yorkie is between thirteen and sixteen years as long as a good diet and adequate exercise are established early on.
  • Yorkies are technically part of the “toy” group of dogs that are opposed to the terrier group due to their small size, typically weighing in at only 2.5 ounces at birth!
  • Known initially as broken-haired Scotch terriers. When they were brought to England (from Scotland), they kept this name for nearly a decade before a reporter named Angus Sutherland opined that the name should be changed. He believed that although the breed originated in Scotland, it wasn’t perfected until coming to Yorkshire, England.

Yorkies may be small but they are mighty!

  • While Yorkies are not generally up for vigorous exercise due to their small frame, this breed loves water and swimming! Be sure to strap a life vest on your furry friend before tossing them in the water, though, to avoid being whisked away by a strong current.
  • Yorkies are prone to having fragile bones primarily due to the fact that breeders are breeding Yorkies smaller and smaller to keep up with the demand of miniature puppies. Ensure these tiny animals are kept safe by avoiding high falls.
  • Pamper this pooch! Regular baths and trims are necessary to keep Yorkies’ coats silky and smooth, along with ear cleaning and trimming to prevent infection, and good dental habits to combat the excess tartar production this breed struggles with.
  • Being the 6th most popular dog breed, it’s easy to see why these cute canines are a great companion to the young and old.

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