Friday is here! We are so glad you are here to start your weekend off with a little Friday Fur-Baby Fun.

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1. Curious Pretzel

Yorkies are inquisitive and always involved in the world around them. 

See how Pretzel is curious to what their owner has going on. 

2. Eevee the Exterminator

Initially bred for hunting small pests and critters, Yorkies have a strong hunting drive.

Watch this to see Eevee in action as they are on the job.

3. Meet Matilda

Yorkie personalities are very easy to see. Watch this video on Matilda, a happy, fun loving pooch. 

4. They Grow Up Too Fast

Yorkies grow up in a flash right before our eyes. 

Watch this short of a drastic before and after of this adorable Yorkie.

5. Let Me Sleep

That side eye tells all. This Yorkie is ready for a nap and is not interested in being interrupted.

6. Hey There

Peek-a-boo. This Yorkie just wants to say hello.

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7. That’s a Lot of Yorkies

What’s better than a Yorkie?

How about a gang of Yorkies!

8. Treat Time!

Chloe is ready for her treat and wants it now!

See how she grows impatient with her treat machine.

@thasecretlifeofchloe Treat time! #asmr #dogsoftiktok #yorkie ♬ original sound – Queen Chloé

10. Yorkie Snores

Watch thsi adorable video of a Yorkie enjoying some DEEP sleep. 

We hope you all have a fantastic Friday and a phenomenal weekend. Stay tuned with us for our new Friday Fur-Baby series. For more fun and informative posts, follow our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for all things Yorkies!

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