So, if you happen to reside with a furry companion of the Yorkie variety, chances are you’ve encountered some rather peculiar antics that have left you scratching your head. These doggy oddities may leave us humans puzzled at first, but fear not my friends, for there is a method to their madness! Join The Yorkie Times as we unravel the enigma behind odd Yorkie behaviors.

10 Questionable Odd Yorkie Behaviors

1. Carrying Out Dinner

So, you’ve probably noticed that your furry friend doesn’t just chow down on their food right where you put it. Nope, they’ve got a whole relocation plan going on. Some Yorkies might just move a few feet away from the food bowl, while others go all out and find a secret hiding spot to enjoy their feast. Why on earth do they do this, you ask? Well, it all goes back to their oh-so-fascinating pack mentality.

You see, in the wild, dogs are part of a pack. And when they manage to catch their dinner, they don’t stick around and duke it out with their fellow pack members for a bite. Nope, they grab a chunk or two and hightail it out of there. This way, they can chow down without any risk of a brawl, and they can also hide their oh-so-tasty meal from their pack buddies. And guess what? Our modern-day doggos still have this instinct. So, when your trusty canine companion takes their precious food to some secluded corner of your house, it’s not because they’re being divas. They just want some privacy and the satisfaction of safeguarding their meal.

2. Squeaky Toy Obsession

Even though we may not view our adorable Yorkies as hunters, they certainly are, and they retain remnants of their wild ancestors’ instincts. It might be surprising, but your beloved pup adores squeaky toys because they satisfy their inner predator. The high-pitched noise emitted by the toy triggers their primal instincts, mimicking the sound of a small prey animal under attack.

Your furry friend revels in the immediate gratification they receive from incessantly chewing on the squeaker. Just remember, as long as the prey continues to squawk, it’s still alive. Hence, most dogs are compelled to eliminate the squeaker in order to conquer their simulated foe. This is precisely why many dogs lose interest in the toy once the squeaker ceases to exist.

3. Was That a Wink?

If you walk through the door and catch your furry friend giving you flirty eyes, don’t get too excited. Your pup is not trying to score a date with you. Most likely, they’ve got some pesky irritants in their eyeballs. These irritants could be anything from dust and dirt to hair or even remnants of your latest cleaning spree.

Unfortunately, Yorkies lack the dexterity of human fingers to fish those annoyances out. So, in their limited doggy wisdom, they resort to rapid blinking as their only defense. If your pooch is constantly battling eye annoyances, it’s probably best to schedule a visit with the vet for a thorough checkup.

4. What is That Smell?!?

It may not be their most endearing quality, but some Yorkies just can’t resist taking a good old roll in the foulest pile of poop they can find. This revolting habit is actually rooted in their primal instincts, a throwback to the days when their wild ancestors used to hide their scent to catch their prey by surprise. Take wolves, for instance, who have been known to lather themselves in the dung of herbivorous creatures or decaying animal remains to mask their own smell during hunting expeditions.

Our furry friends also use this fragrant rolling as a means of communication within their pack. By covering themselves in a putrid mess, they’re able to relay important information back to their fellow pack members about some exciting new discovery. If a lone member of the pack stumbles upon a dead deer, they’ll have a blast rolling around in its stench and then bring that delightful aroma back to the rest of the pack. The pack will then play detective and follow the trail of the wolf who made the discovery, all the way to a scrumptious free lunch.

So, even if there’s nothing to see where your dog is rubbing, rest assured that there was something there and your trusty four-legged companion can detect its scent. And brace yourself, because what you consider a lovely fragrance might make your pooch wrinkle their nose. Case in point: slathering your canine in scented shampoo might just prompt an urgent sprint outdoors to locate the foulest thing they can get their paws on.

5. Yorkie Secret Lair

The untamed ancestors of Yorkeis had this uncanny impulse to chase after prey and stash it away for a later feast. And guess what? Our modern-day doggos still have these primal instincts intact! That’s why your adorable furball likes snatching up all sorts of goodies, be it toys or whatnot, and hoarding them away in their very own covert hiding spot within your humble abode. You see, that’s their super classified lair – top-secret stuff, folks!

6. Yorkie’s Need to Bury 

In the wilderness, canines lead a life of uncertainty, never quite sure when or where their next meal will come from. So, when they stumble upon a delicious piece of meat, they indulge and stuff themselves silly, realizing that it might be a while before they get another chance to chow down. This also means that they have no desire to waste any leftover grub. If they happen to have an excess of food, they cleverly stash it away for later by burying it in the ground.

By entombing their prey and bones, they ensure that the meat stays fresh for a longer period of time, shielding it from the harsh rays of the sun. Additionally, as the depth of the hole increases, the Earth’s temperature drops, providing a cooler environment and preserving the food’s quality. When the availability of food becomes scarce once again, canines can pay a visit to their underground fridges and retrieve their stored sustenance for a delectable dinner. It’s important to note that burying their feast also acts as a defense mechanism, masking any tempting odors and deterring other predators from swooping in on their leftovers.  

7. Jealous Yorkie

Oh, you better believe it! Scientists have concluded that dogs can actually experience jealousy towards any social creature. A mind-boggling study published in the prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has revealed that when dog owners dare to show affection to another pet in the household, our furry friends start freaking out with stress and anxiety. Just like us humans, dogs have their own physical and emotional needs, and boy oh boy, they sure do get jealous if they think they’re not getting enough attention! 

8. Not the Face!

Dogs lick you for a myriad of reasons. Most of the time, it’s their cute way of showering you with affection and adoration. When Yorkies lick, it’s their way of forging connections with their beloved family members. Take a mother dog, for example, she’ll lovingly lick her puppies to tidy them up and provide solace. So when your furry friend gives you a lick, it’s their subtle way of ensuring your grooming and well-being.

And hey, if you happen to have the delectable scent of scrumptious treats lingering on your skin, they might just have an ulterior licking motive too. Just remember, dogs also use their tongue to explore the world, diving into a world of smells and tastes. When they lick people or objects, it’s their version of getting up close and personal, just like we do. They’re on a quest to uncover more about their surroundings, one lick at a time. 

9. Stareeeee

Yorkies dedicate a significant chunk of their time fixated on their humans. And though it may come across as random, a dog’s intense gaze is actually their way of conversing in the world of canines. More often than not, pups are keeping a close watch on you in order to grasp what you’re up to. We have an extraordinary bond with our furry friends, and they can’t help but be tied to their beloved owners, eagerly observing our every move. They study us humans in order to gather intel on our activities. It’s like they’re secretly waiting for us to do something that will directly impact their lives, be it grabbing that leash for an exciting walk or pulling off a certain command like sitting for a well-deserved treat.  

Don’t forget that dogs are experts at using their eyes to manipulate you. We’ve all experienced the intense gaze from our furry friends, desperately begging for scraps from the dinner table. And let’s not ignore those times when they stare at you, practically demanding a bathroom break or a walk outside. They’re not subtle about it either, often throwing in a suggestive glance toward the door or the location of their leash.

But here’s the thing, if you cave in and give in to their puppy eyes, you’re just encouraging their begging tactics. They’ll keep using their powerful gaze to get whatever their heart desires. Just like us humans, a dog’s stare is a display of affection. In fact, research has even shown that this nonverbal communication increases the presence of oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone,” in dogs. So, if your pooch looks at you with those longing eyes, they’re simply saying, “I love you.” 

10. Don’t Eat Poop!

Yorkies crave spotless spots to frolic and dwell, just like you do, and their ingenious method of handling filth in their surroundings is to chow it down. While we may view poop as dangerous, it’s not as scary as we think. While eating poop from sick animals can be an issue as it can contain viruses, parasites, and bacteria. Healthy poop often contains harmless bacteria, water, and some undigested food. Poop can be nutritious and help reset the gut bacteria to healthy levels. And you probably have noticed that dogs find horse manure and goose droppings particularly appealing. This is because the manure of herbivores is full of enzymes and partially digested protein, which can be beneficial for a dog’s digestive system.

If your dog is eating poop, there might be some nutrients missing from their diet. Sometimes switching to a healthier dog food diet is the best way to fix a stool-eating problem. Some dogs may also start to eat their own poop because of environmental stress or anxiety. Studies have shown that dogs who are kept alone in kettles or basements are more likely to eat poop than those dogs who live close to their people.

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