Friday is here! We are so glad you are here to start your weekend off with a little Friday Fur-Baby Fun.

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1. Yorkie Princess

We love to spoil our Yorkies every day, but this Yorkie is truly a Princess. (not only as its name)

2. Bedtime?

Who’s ready for bedtime? This cute Yorkie is already of the curve with this serious case of bed head. 

3. Rent-free Roommates

Our adorable little freeloaders don’t pay rent or for food, but the love and affection they offer is priceless. 

4. Deer!

Yorkshire terriers were initially bred to be small hunting dogs for rodents and other critters, but the hunting drive is still strong in the descendants we live with today. 

This Yorkie has spotted their prey. Don’t tell them its a little big for them though.

5. Attack of the Yorkie!

Yorkies are known for their large amounts of energy, especially as a puppy. 

This Yorkie puppy’s new family is not so happy about theis endless playing. 

6. Sun’s Out Tongue Out

Summer vibes are very apparent in this photo. This dashing Yorkie is sporting a new bandana and ready for some summer fun. 

7. Summertime Vibes

I don’t know where this Yorkie is headed, but I want to join them. 

This Yorkie is ready for their vacation.

8. Princess Treatment

This Yorkie is definitely treated like a princess. 

Watch this Yorkie get ready for their royal day. 

@briittanyy.xo Princess treatment only 💅🏼💗💓💄💋 #teacupyorkie #yorkie #princess #yorkiesoftiktok #getreadywithme #fyp #fypシ ♬ Do We Have A Problem? – Nicki Minaj & Lil Baby

9. First Class Yorkie

What screams Yorkie princess more than flying only first class. 

Watch this princess saoking up the attention while relaxing first class. 

@lilyorkie.bigcity dont hate the Yorkie hate the game #spoileddog #yorkie #yorkshireterrier #petsonplanes #dogsontiktok ♬ Bombastic Side Eye Criminal Offensive Side Eye – CasaDi

10. Max the Yorkie

We all love the individual quirks of our Yorkies. Let me tell Max is definetly special. 

We hope you all have a fantastic Friday and a phenomenal weekend. Stay tuned with us for our new Friday Fur-Baby series. For more fun and informative posts, follow our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for all things Yorkies!

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