Have You Heard of these Yorkie Health Issues?

Yorkies make great pets and companions for all types of owners, but they come with one caveat: They are prone to certain health conditions.

So when taking care of your Yorkie, what should you look out for in their health and well-being?

1 – Health Issue – Hypoglycemia:

Yorkies generally have a lot of issues when it comes to their blood sugar, which usually comes into play between birth and 4 months of age. Hypoglycemia is where your body does not process enough glucose, which can lead to dizziness, drowsiness, and fainting. This is a pretty serious condition and one that should be looked at carefully during the puppy’s first few months of life. Learn more about Hypoglycemia in puppies.

2 – Health Issue – Collapsed Trachea:

This is pretty common among toy breeds, such as the Yorkie, and is often considered genetic in nature. This is mainly due to the windpipe collapsing due to the cartilage rings surrounding the windpipe being softer than usual. Always keep an eye out if your dog is coughing, wheezing, or gagging. Get immediate help.

3 – Health Issues – Retinal Dysplasia:

This is where the eye is malformed, causing vision problems and even blindness. This condition is often thought to be inherited, which is why Yorkies with this condition should not be bred. The symptoms may not even be present unless the disease affects the dog’s daily activities in any way. There is not a cure as of yet for this disease.

So always keep an eye out for any abnormal health effects that your Yorkie might have. If anything seems dangerously wrong, do not hesitate to bring them to a vet immediately.

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