Why use TOMKAS dog sling?

This dog carrier sling is a reversible design for a versatile two-way look. It allows you always to touch and care your furkids. Also, your yorkie could help keep warm you when you need them. That works both ways!!

The TOMKAS carrier is made of machine washable breathable soft fabric. The material is thick enough to ensure softness and make furkids feel at ease.



What makes the TOMKAS carrier different?

The TOMKAS carrier can hold your yorkie easily, you just need to put your yorkie into the bag, attach the security lock to the ring on the collar or harness.

The belt can be moved to change the size of the opening to fit different sizes of furkids.

This will help keep your yorkie safe if accidental falling happens. It will make sure your yorkie is safe and secure.

TOMKAS sling is reversible and adjustable!

The reversible design for a versatile two-way look. Yorkie lovers will adore these reversible sling pet carriers. The shoulder strap can be adjusted to the length you feel most comfortable, and you can experience the fun of traveling with yorkies and other pets.


It is very convenient to keep your yorkies close whether you are:

  • walking
  • hiking
  • weekend adventure
  • travelling
  • shopping
  • cycling
  • on subway etc.

Some yorkies are old or injured, they are unable to walk too long, this sling will let them go on any adventure with you!

Do you have a TOMKAS sling? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below!

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