Travelling with a yorkie can be smooth sailing.

When it comes to yorkie travel, it’s important to make sure that you and your dog are comfortable. Whether you travel by car, plane, or anywhere else, there are a few things you will want to consider.


Here are 4 important things to know when travelling with your yorkie.

1 – Yorkie Travel: Bring Vet Records.

You should always pack your yorkie’s veterinary records when you travel. If your dog becomes sick and you need to visit another vet, it will make it easier to provide a past history.

Additionally, if you plan on boarding your dog at any point, you will need to show proof that your yorkie has had all of the necessary shots.

2 – Yorkie Travel: Buy a Canine Car Seat

Any time that you place your terrier in the car, you need to make sure that it is in a certified canine car seat. This will help to avoid various travel issues, including car sickness. You want to choose a car seat that is designed for toy breeds.

Additionally, the booster seat should have a buckle on the inside so that it fastens to the harness. If you typically have a collar on your terrier, switch over to a harness so that you don’t cause stress on their neck.

3 – Yorkie Travel: Listen for Signs of Stress

Some dogs are happy-go-lucky when it comes to travelling while others get stressed. You will want to identify the signs, such as barking, whining, or even trying to escape. In order to avoid undue stress, let your dog travel with a favorite toy.

You should also focus on desensitizing your dog by going on shorter car rides leading up to a longer one.

4 –  Yorkie Travel: Plane Rides

If you plan on taking your Yorkie with you when you go anywhere by plane, there are a few things to do.

First, call the airline to make sure that they will allow your yorkie to fly. Most carriers are under 10 pounds, which allows you to bring them with you on the front of the plane. As long as the carrier fits under the seat in front of you, you are good to go.

Don’t expect your yorkie to be able to ride on your lap.

A soft-sided carrier will provide the most comfort, but check with the airline as they may require something different. The sooner you start travelling with your terrier, the better. Get him or her used to travelling so that they will be a better travel companion.

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