Why Yorkies Get Car Sick

Car sickness in dogs often comes on suddenly when we least expect it. Suddenly, our happy tail wagging travel partner is no longer enjoying the ride and getting sick in the back seat. Or, worst on the passenger’s lap. A sick Yorkie quickly turns a pleasant trip into misery for all.Many dogs get motion sickness when they are standing, laying or sitting on moving surfaces. Riding in cars, boats and planes is not quite the same as running on four legs at 25 mph where the dog pays attention to what they are running at instead of looking out a window watching the world wiz by.Combine the blur of the landscape passing-by with the floor moving under-foot, plus the noise, exhaust, strange people, other pets and it is no wonder more dogs are not sick in our cars!

How to Know When Your Yorkie is Car Sick

The onset of 1 or more of these symptoms is usually within the first hour of riding in a vehicle. Dogs who have to go potty may appear anxious and show signs of car sickness because they want out of the car to go to the bathroom.
  1. Inactivity, listlessness, uneasiness or the opposite; extreme excitability, restlessness, pacing
  2. Whining, extreme barking
  3. Excessive drooling or panting, foamy bubbly lips
  4. Smacking or licking lips
  5. Vomiting or sudden diarrhea

Cause of Car Sickness

Puppies and Young Yorkies

All puppies and young dogs or kittens are prone to motion sickness because the inner ear continues to develop after birth and affects a dogs balance.

Grown Dogs

  1. Stress during the ride, loud noises, sudden turns, bumps, overpasses, horns, traffic
  2. Anticipation caused from a bad experience in a car or going to stressful places like the doctor or groomer
  3. Not accumulated, no training or conditioning to ride in cars, boats or planes
  4. Health issues, ear infections, poor eyesight, indigestion
  5. Eating and drinking within 1 hour of the car ride.
  6. No potty break before and every couple hours of travel
In part 2, we will take a look at how to help your Yorkie adapt to riding in a car without getting sick.For more information about Yorkshire Terriers, Morkies and other Yorkie mix breed dogs visit join our Yorkie Times’¬†active¬†Facebook community. 

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