Advantages of a Shorter Trim for Your Yorkie’s Hair

Yorkies have actual hair, not shorter fur as most other species of dog do. Standards for show dog hair require an incredibly intense care regime.
  • Twice-daily brushings.
  • Putting long hair up in paper wraps so that it doesn’t get damaged when the dog plays.
  • A laundry list of speciality hair products (shampoos, conditioner, oils, creams, rinses, papers, multiple combs and brushes).
So keeping a Yorkie’s long hair clean and cared for correctly can feel overwhelming.

Yorkie Puppy Cut Can Help

If you fell in love with your Yorkie for his personality and companionship, and are not planning on showing him, maybe you should consider keeping his hair cut to a shorter style.Your Yorkie will still be super adorable, and shorter hair is easier to care for, lets your dog play freely without hair getting in the way (or dirt and debris collecting in his hair), and is easier to keep clean. 

There are several kinds of shorter cuts that are popular for Yorkies.

1 – The Yorkie Puppy Cut

The most popular Yorkie cut style is the puppy cut. This cut is the doggy equivalent of a pixie cut; short and carefully shaped, adorable, conveying a sense of spunkiness, youth, and energy. The hair is not shaved off short as in some other cuts but trimmed to varying lengths so that it looks like the curls and waves of a Yorkie puppy.

2 – The Modified Schnauzer or Snorkie Cut

The modified Schnauzer (snorkie cut) is also common. In this, the body coat and tail are trimmed very short, while the hair on the legs and tail is left longer – sometimes full length, sometimes just a longer cut. The longer hair around the legs makes her look a bit like she’s got a skirt. You need to brush the longer hair on her legs and head daily.

3 – Modified Westie Cut

Another popular cut is the modified Westie. In this cut, the hair all over the body is cut short, but the hair on the face is left longer, and then trimmed to the desired look. This cut helps show off his adorable face, button nose, and big brown eyes.

You don’t have to stick with predetermined named cuts, though. Your Yorkie is unique, with her own personality and favorite things to do. The length of Yorkie hair and variety of texture they can have meant that you have a LOT of options for styling and trims.Talk with your groomer about what you want, and design a personalized hairstyle for your tiny friend.For more information on the best care for your adorably spunky companion, check out our grooming section.

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