Happy Howl-loween!

Halloween is the spookiest night of the year, but keeping your Yorkies safe isn’t tricky at all. So let’s have a roaring good time!There are many ways to make sure that everyone and every fur-ball gets to November 1st happy and healthy.Keep those yummy treats out of reach and safe in the candy bowl. Most of the treats can be toxic to our pets. As we know, chocolate in all forms – especially dark or baking chocolate – is very dangerous for dogs and cats.
Halloween means that we carve pumpkins to spread the spooky festive joy! Popular Halloween plants – pumpkins and decorative corn – are considered relatively nontoxic but can still give our furbabies upset stomachs for pets who nibble on them.Halloween is a great chance to bond with your Yorkie. You can dress them up in a costume and take pictures (please share), maybe join the kids with trick-or-treating or they can be your helper while giving out candy.
Our Yorkies look absolutely adorable when we put them into costume but for some, it can cause them stress. Make sure that your Yorkie enjoys being in the costume and that it doesn’t restrict his or her movement, sight or ability to breathe and bark. Also, make sure that there aren’t any choking hazards from pieces that are dangling or can be easily chewed off.As we know, the constant ringing of the doorbell and knocking at the door can be scary and stressful. Try keeping your Yorkie in another room while you answer the door to minimize their exposure to the constant flow of trick-or-treaters.

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