We know that you’re going to travel with your Yorkies many times. Whether it’s a long road trip, taking them to the vet, or taking a plane ride, it’s important to have the right supplies and take the necessary steps to make sure that your Yorkie is comfortable.

Yorkie Community – King’s Car Ride

King is four months old.

He loves playing frisbee, enjoy car rides and listening to music …

His Mom (Detricia Lowery) doesn’t believe he knows he’s a dog 🙂


Tips on making your car ride safer

Use the right car seat – The right car seat or booster seat with the right placement can help combat nausea and upset stomach that Yorkies (and other dogs) can get when traveling by vehicle. This allows the Yorkie to be up high, closer to the windows for fresh air but also to be able to see outside; and being able to view the road is something that helps prevent them from getting sick. Rolling down the window about 1/3 of the way is helpful (weather permitting).

Keep the car cool – Dogs do best if the temperature is a tad cooler than it would be otherwise. So, even if you think it’s not quite warm enough for the AC, this can help your Yorkshire Terrier feel better when traveling.

Time food with your travel plans – Don’t take your Yorkie out if he just ate (if you must head out with him, bring his dinner in a travel bowl to give during a break or at the destination) but do give him a dry biscuit. Yorkies do best when their stomachs are not full, but if they do have a bit of cushioning with certain foods. 

If you do not have a dry treat on hand, a piece of bread or saltine crackers can be given in place. This helps to absorb stomach acid that can begin to churn when the car starts moving.

Take breaks – This also is applicable to both short and long traveling in the car. While a jot to the mall 20 minutes away may seem like a short drive to you, it can be torture for a Yorkie that struggles with car rides.

For long road trips, a break every 30 minutes is recommended; and never drive over 1 hour (unless your dog has fallen asleep). Dogs need to be let out (in a safe area) to relieve themselves, stretch their legs, drink some water and to eat if needed.

Flying with a Yorkie

The rules and restrictions regarding dogs on airplanes are always changing, so it is important to read the finer details of any possible flight well before you travel with your Yorkie and right up until the day of departure.

Keep these in mind while on a jet plane:

Size restrictions – Each airline has strict rules concerning the size of a dog crate, meant to fit under the seat in front of you (putting dogs into the cargo bay is unethical and dangerous). Luckily, the Yorkshire Terrier is so tiny that finding a crate that meets the guidelines should not be a problem. But do check this out and measure the crate to be sure.

Bathroom needs – Since your Yorkie may be traveling anywhere from 45 minutes to 17 hours (Texas to Australia is one of the longest airplane flights), your Yorkie most likely will need to go to the bathroom at some point during the airplane travel. The best way to deal with this, for both his comfort and for the noses of all passengers, is to place a doggie diaper on him. Bring quality canine wipes with you; after you land, you can clean him up.

Bring toys – You probably already know to bring along toys; however do take time to carefully choose which ones, since there is only so much room in the crate. Kongs filled with certain foods (kibble stirred into peanut butter) and a few quiet chew toys are best. Squeakers will drive both you and fellow travelers bonkers

Is sedation safe? – If your Yorkie has a history of having trouble being crated for long periods of time or with airplane travel, a light to moderate sedative can be prescribed by the vet to give to a dog before he is boarded onto an airplane. However, we do advise caution.

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