Tips to Help Motion Sick Dogs and Puppies

In part 1 of Car Sickness & Your Yorkie we discussed what caused a dog to get sick when they travel in cars. Now let’s take a look at how to help your Yorkie adapt to riding in a car without getting sick.Motion sickness in pets is the same as we humans get when boating, flying and fast car rides. Sometimes motion sickness is a one-time event and never happens again. Often though, the pet or person experiences the symptoms every time they ride in a moving vehicle. When your Yorkie is getting sick every time they go for a ride you may feel the situation is hopeless but have no fear, help is possible when your Yorkie is having a bad car day.While some dogs never get over car sickness and are not cut out for travelling most adult dogs can learn to relax and enjoy the ride. Teaching a nervous sick dog to relax is not always an easy task and these tips will help make the trip more comfortable for everyone in the car.

Tips to help a Yorkie Overcome Car Sickness

  1. Do not feed or water before travel
  2. Potty Walk before ride and every couple of hours of travel
  3. Give them a Den. Crate or purse training helps a dog feel comfortable and protected
  4. Take short trips with nice endings.
  5. Do not get mad while your Yorkie is in the car. Getting mad at a sick dog creates more anxiety or anticipation in the dog.
  6. Stop and walk if they look like they are going to be sick, hopefully before they do.
Most dogs adapt to car rides once they get accumulated to the motion and the constant distractions encountered along the way. Also, going for a ride is a habit your dog learns from each trip and sometimes all you have to do is change the habit by teaching another way to ride in the car.Take your time helping your dog adjust and adapt because some dogs learn faster than others.Have questions, comments or suggestions?  Let us know below 🙂

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