Who doesn’t love Yorkies?!

While I’m sure there are some people, on a remote island somewhere, that don’t love Yorkies as much as us. 

And that’s ok.

Yorkies are rambunctious, happy, loyal, lovable furballs that this community is ALL ABOUT! 

Adorable Yorkie Videos 

I’ve come across so many Yorkie videos over the years and the great thing about YouTube is that there are always new ones to see! 

I’ve put some together for your view enjoyment:

Yorkies are tough!

Well, they like to think so.

Come on, this Yorkie puppy is taking on the rolls of evil yarn!! 

Cute Overload!

Is Your Yorkie a Chewer?

Rosie was never big into chewing toys or bully sticks, probably because her teeth were in such poor condition when we got her.

However, Loki LOVED to chew his toys and treats. Thankfully he never went after any shoes. 

Yorkies are just so cute!

Some days, the adorableness of these dogs overwhelms me.

They are so chill and then all of a sudden, they lose their mind!

Also, how is a dog that is so small…. so stubborn!!!!

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