Why are Yorkie social skills important?

Being happy and comfortable in the world of humans is so important. Many Yorkshire Terriers and other dogs lack basic social skills, either because of limited exposure to other dogs and people, or a lack of positive experiences.

Proper Puppy Introductions

Years of loyalty, companionship, and adventure begin with the decision to bring a dog into the home. In order for the dog and its people to be happy and safe, proper training is imperative.

Socialization is one aspect that can be easy to overlook or minimize the importance of, but it is necessary for good health. What does it mean to be socialized? It is exposing the dog to different situations, places, and people so that new experiences do not cause stress. The dog will know how to behave, giving the owner and others peace of mind.

The Key To Health

Poor socialization can lead to poor health. A dog that cannot behave properly will not have the opportunities to have the care it needs.

Veterinary visits

A vet cannot properly evaluate a dog’s health if the animal is not still. Struggling raises the heart rate, making it impossible to check heart and lung health. Sedation is risky, and muzzles keep the teeth and lungs from being visible.


Proper grooming keeps fur and skin in good condition. If a dog is not used to being calm and still, the groomer will not be able to give a proper shampoo and cut. Routine baths will be difficult and unpleasant.


There are many ways for a dog to get exercise, and it often requires being in public. Strangers and other animals are unavoidable. Aggression and fear put everyone in a stressful and potentially dangerous situation.

The Yorkie Times Blog

Little Dog, Big Personality

The Yorkie temperament: Terriers are a highly intelligent and loyal breed. Active, alert, and curious, they tend to have attitudes larger than their bodies. Their protective and independent traits make socialization a must. They need stimulation and attention to be happy. Plus, their tendency to yip and bark at every disturbance will fade as they become more socialized.

Yorkies make wonderful companions and are very adaptable when taught properly. For more information, contact us.

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