Owning a Yorkie can bring a lot of joy and benefits to your life. For starters, these small dogs are excellent companions and are incredibly loyal and affectionate to their owners. They are also very intelligent and easily trained, making them great pets for families with children.

Yorkies are also known for being hypoallergenic, which means they are a good choice for people with allergies or respiratory problems. They are perfectly content to snuggle up with their owners and relax at home. In addition to these benefits, Yorkies are also very fashionable dogs and always turn heads when out on a walk or in public. Owning a Yorkie can bring a lot of happiness and positive energy into your life, making them a great choice for anyone looking for a new furry friend. 

The Yorkie Time’s 11 Benefits of Owning a Yorkie

1. Yorkies Provide Comfort and Emotional Support

Yorkies possess the ability to perceive their owners’ emotions of sadness or anxiety through various means such as visual cues, auditory signals, and changes in smell. In a study published in the Journal of Animal Cognition, experts analyzed how dogs responded to humans who were weeping, humming, or conversing. The outcomes suggested that dogs tend to approach individuals who are shedding tears.

Other research confirms that dogs experience distress when they detect sorrow in their owners and make attempts to provide assistance. Whenever you feel dejected, several dogs will offer solace either by snuggling up to you or licking your face. Some dogs may even place a toy in your lap or give you a nudge to perk up your mood. 

2. Yorkies are Always Excited to Welcome You Home

According to researchers, certain types of wild dogs use licking as a means of welcoming back pack members after they have been away. When your Yorkie licks you upon your return, it is their way of expressing greeting and welcoming, similar to saying “welcome back.”

Dogs may also use licking as a means of creating stronger bonds with their human family members, like when a mother dog licks her puppies. If your Yorkie frequently licks you, it may not always be because you have residual food bits on your skin. More likely, it is because they want to show affection and care for your well-being while strengthening your bond. 

3. Yorkies are Good for The Heart

When you embrace and stroke your Yorkie companion, it generates a serene and tranquil sensation. This is due to the secretion of oxytocin, a pleasurable chemical in the brain that promotes a sense of calmness and can even aid in reducing blood pressure, thereby minimizing the possibility of contracting heart disease.

A study demonstrated that individuals who owned a dog were 31% less prone to suffer from heart attacks or strokes compared to those who did not possess a furry friend. The presence of a canine alone can significantly impact one’s well-being. 

4. Yorkies Protect You While You Sleep

Have you ever pondered on why your canine companion chooses to snooze in close proximity to you during the night? Numerous dogs are aware that both they and their owners are vulnerable whilst sleeping. Hence, sleeping nearby is a way to ensure safety and shield one another from potential nighttime predators.

Yorkies also prefer sleeping next to their human companions to share body warmth, similar to how animals in the wild huddle together for warmth. By snuggling with you, your dog is not just seeking warmth but also providing you with heat. Moreover, dogs choose to slumber beside you to exhibit their love and affection. Subconsciously, dogs perceive their human counterparts as pack members and it’s innate for them to want to remain close to their loved ones. 

5. Yorkies Care For You When You Are Sick

Certain illnesses can trigger biochemical alterations in our bodies, leading to distinctive odors that can be detected by dogs through a person’s breath or skin. Due to their highly sophisticated sense of smell, Yorkies possess the ability to detect any metabolic shift in a human that results from disease.

Generally, dogs exhibit empathy and heightened awareness around a sick person, often snuggling up or offering physical comfort. They instinctively understand the importance of being there for their human companion during a time of need. 

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6. Yorkies Help You Live Longer

Studies in the scientific community support the idea that owning a dog can increase one’s lifespan. This is due to the fact that pets have been shown to ease stress, promote a sense of calm, and prevent feelings of isolation.

Furthermore, there is evidence indicating that they can reduce blood pressure levels. If you are attempting to persuade your parents or loved ones to let you adopt a dog, consider sharing this informative video with them, and don’t forget to visit a nearby animal rescue center. 

7. Yorkies Boost Your Immune System

Yorkies function as a form of probiotic which aid in the development of colonies of healthy bacteria that enhance our immune systems. According to a recent study published in the specialized scientific journal Pediatrics, kids who reside with pets demonstrate a decreased likelihood of falling ill.

If an illness does occur, they experience a faster recovery. This is due to the fact that living with pets prompts an increase in immune system activity in children, resulting in better protection against dangerous viruses and bacteria. 

8. Yorkies Make Excellent Guard Dogs

Yorkies have an inherent behavior to safeguard their loved ones, which can be bothersome when the mailman arrives at the entrance, but advantageous in situations where a malevolent individual shows up.

Whether you’re strolling with your four-legged buddy or staying cozy under the covers, merely having a canine companion in close proximity can provide a sense of safety. 

9. Yorkies Make Great Companions

Yorkies are capable of providing companionship when human interaction fails. Without any conditions, they provide emotional support, unrestrained love, and consistent snuggles to combat social isolation.

Dogs possess the capability to show affection in an enthusiastic manner, which makes them a popular choice as emotional support partners for many individuals. Furthermore, walking with a furry friend improves approachability, and they also serve as excellent conversation starters. 

10. Yorkies can Reduce Allergy Symptoms

Living with a furry animal in the same house can expose you to pet dander, which can activate your immune system to help decrease the possibility of experiencing allergies and asthma.

Various studies suggest that children who live with pets are less prone to developing pet allergies. Besides, frequent pet exposure at a young age seems to offer protection against other kinds of usual allergens such as grass, dust mites, and ragweed. 

11. Yorkies Lower Stress Levels

Though health experts may suggest various stress-reducing methods like medication or yoga, owning a Yorkie can prove to be just as advantageous.

Studies evaluating stress levels demonstrate that dogs can help alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety. Simply petting a familiar canine can lower one’s blood pressure, heart rates, moderate breathing, and elevate serotonin and dopamine levels – two neurochemicals associated with relaxation and well-being. 

Looking for more amazing Yorkie facts that will open your heart to these wonderful little dogs? Stay tuned with us for more informative and fun posts on all things Yorkie related. If you are looking for a journal to track your life with your Yorkie, we have you covered with The Yorkie Times Dog Journal! We also have a wonderful Facebook community that you can join as well!


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