Let’s get ready for Yorkie rumble!

Just how cute are these two baby Yorkies playing with each other? Does your Yorkie have a playtime buddy? My pup has two playtime buddies….. although they are kitties… they are great company for her!

I have a porch out back that is screened in and I will let them all go out there and it is so cute watching how they have each others backs. But really they’re mostly just lazy all together, haha! But at least when I am not home, my pup is never alone which is a good thing! Because who else thinks the worst part of the day is taking off on your pup and leaving them home all day without your love!?

Isn’t it just the worst!?

I think it is pretty important for your pup to have a buddy, even if it is just a toy. But it is really great that these two puppies will always have each other, to annoy or to love on. These two are best friends for life!

How adorable is that?

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