What happens when hoomans get sick?

It could be a two-week virus that takes us out of the game or something much more serious, whatever the crisis, these types of life events require planning and foresight.

Quick – what are the first three priorities you need to handle in the event of a prolonged emergency situation? Bills? Work issues? Childcare? Pressing or time-sensitive appointments?

Obviously, that is a list that can become quite extensive quite quickly. Now raise your hand if any of you responded with the answer, your pets. If that wasn’t you, don’t feel bad, you aren’t alone. In all likelihood the better trained and behaved your pet is, the more likely you’ll overlook them in compiling that list of to do’s.

Even letting your Yorkie out feels like a challenge.

If your dog always lets you know when they need out or always uses the doggie door or perhaps your cat always uses the litter box – properly, it might be an easy oversight. These beloved and well-behaved Yorkies are truly low-maintenance, so they may not be the first item on your list of what needs your immediate attention.

You do, however, have a plan in place just in the event of the unforeseen emergency or tragedy – right?

Your Immediate Resources

None of this is information we don’t already have filed away somewhere, that we aren’t aware of – in fact it is common knowledge. The problem is, we have it filed away somewhere and have not written it down. “It” in this situation is that plan of action. The other problem is, how many of us think clearly during emergencies? Are we even going to be capable or conscious if tragedy strikes? That plan of action is our communication when we are incapable of communicating.

That leads us to the first step, who are we communicating with?

Your immediate contacts in the event of an emergency are generally your best resources.

Family – If there was ever a question about the strength, beauty and bond of family, simply observe a family dealing with tragedy. More often than not, you will witness a closeness, love and respect for one another rarely seen among people (but often in dogs!). Who are the reliable, responsible and geographically close family members you can use for this list? One more thing here, make sure to inform anyone whom you’ve put on your emergency plan list, family or friend.

Speaking of friends…

Friends – Sometimes crisis is the very thing that reveals who your friends are and you likely already know who is going to answer that 3 A.M. call. There is something magical about that friend of ten, twenty or thirty years who you have known since elementary school. At some point, these people in our lives become closer than family.

Co-Workers and Neighbors – Let’s be honest, it is hard to work alongside someone day after day, week after week and not develop a friendship, right? These people care but aren’t as intimately involved in your life. That could be a really good thing. Sometimes being too close to a tragedy can hinder the ability to help or think clearly.

Hopefully, these tips are never needed but we never really know. If you have any questions, concerns or want to know anything about caring for your Yorkie, contact us.

One last thing – write your emergency plan down, save it on your system and give your primary contact a copy! You know if your Yorkie could, they would do the same for you.

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