Ask These 3 Yorkie Health Questions

It’s important to care for your Yorkie throughout its entire life. This means that you need to schedule regular visits to the vet. Otherwise, they could end up getting sick without you even realizing it. Your goal should be to overcome issues before they become problematic.One of the best ways to keep your dog in good health is to know about some of the most common problems that the breed deals with.

1. Delicate Digestive Systems

The Yorkie is down to have a particularly delicate digestive system. This means that what other pet owners feed their pets may not be right for yours. Find out about some of the preferred foods (and snacks) that you should be feeding your dog.You should also discuss how these terriers are more likely to experience hypoglycemia. When you see weakness or fainting, it identifies that they are going through abnormally low blood sugar. Find out from your vet how you can make some dietary changes as well as some short-term treatments.

2. Skin Allergies

Many Yorkies will experience skin allergies as a result of different triggers. This can be anything from pollen to fleas. You may notice that your dog is excessively scratching or there is hair loss. Various treatments may be available in order to get everything under control.

3. Retinal Dysplasia

This breed is particularly prone to retinal dysplasia, which leads to an array of vision problems. A thorough eye investigation from your vet will help to address the problem. Although there is no treatment, you can train your dog to overcome blind spots and even blindness.When you know more about the common problems that this breed encounters, such as kneecap dislocation, collapsed trachea, and even teeth problems, you can stay on top of their health conditions more effectively.Have more vet or health questions?  Let us know below.

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