Yorkshire Terriers, well loved for their sweet dispositions and teddy bear faces, are the perfect puppy companions. Their loyalty and playful antics are sure to inspire a lifetime of Yorkie love. When considering a Yorkie, the first question many future parents ask is whether to go with a male or female pup. There are several pros and cons to each gender worth investigating before making a final decision. Boy or girl, a Yorkie will quickly become the little prince or princess of the house!

Five Points to Consider when Choosing a Male or Female Yorkie.

1. Got Fur Siblings?

If you are looking to add a Yorkie to a household with other dogs, opposite sex pairings may be best. Two male dogs are more likely to have dominance issues, where as a male and female pair may be easier to introduce. If introducing two males, it is highly important to have both dogs neutered in order to minimize aggression. In general, both male and female Yorkies have mellow temperaments and do well with a variety of animals, including cats, dogs, and even the occasional bunny!

2. Leader of the Pack

It is a common misconception that female Yorkies are more submissive than males. Yorkies are a stubborn breed in general, with the heart of a wolf hidden away inside a tiny teddy bear. Females are just as likely to take the role of alpha. The good news is, with proper training, any Yorkie can learn to curb their wild spirit. Yorkies are quite intelligent and enjoy learning a variety of commands to assist with obedience training.

3. Who’s the Sweetest Pup of All?

Female Yorkies are not necessarily sweeter than males. In fact, many owners have found that male Yorkies tend to be more affectionate and loyal. Yorkies quickly become attached to their human. Their want for attention makes them the best furry friend and the cutest little troublemaker. Boy or girl, the endless bounds of a Yorkie’s love are forever!

4. But What about Housebreaking?

There is no difference in male or female in terms of housebreaking. However, Yorkies are willful dogs with strong personalities. House training your little prince or princess requires patience, commitment, and the willingness to put up with lots of accidents along the way. For more helpful hints on housebreaking, check out Yorkie Training 101.

5. High Maintenance Royalty

Both male and female Yorkies share relatively similar care costs. Yorkies require regular grooming to keep their coat, nails, and ears in order, as well as frequent vet visits. Either gender is prone to the same level of upkeep, which can be a somewhat expensive lifelong commitment.So whether you’re adding a little prince or a little princess to your household, a Yorkie will quickly become the boss of your family and the love of your heart! For more information on introducing a fluffy bundle to your household, check out 6 Things You Need to Know Before You Get a Yorkie and let us know about your own adventures in becoming a Yorkie parent! 

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