Start with Basic Yorkie training


Yorkies are very intelligent dogs, but they can be stubborn, so you may have to be patient and go through the process a few times.

I found these videos from an everyday Yorkie owner, who has an adorable Yorkie.  She shares three videos on how she trained her Yorkie. I found them pretty basic, but they are pretty cute together so I hope they make you smile.

Let us know if you find the tips helpful and what you have done with your Yorkie.


Yorkie Attention

While the first video concentrated on treats and praising as rewards to get her fur-babies attention. The second concentrates on the basic sitting command.

All about Sitting

She starts with ‘paw’ and ‘stay’ – the treat seems a bit big to me, but you each know your Yorkies best.

Bonus Trick Training

This last video covers a cute little dance trick that her Yorkie as well as ‘sit down and pray’. I’m still struggling to get sit done!Let us know how these worked or didn’t work for you.
Do you have tips you can share with us?  Let us know in the comments below.

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