Although the majority of Yorkshire Terriers adore and form connections with all members of their family, they typically have a particular person they are particularly attracted to. Surprisingly, there are multiple actions and qualities that make individuals more attractive to dogs. Those who meet these specific factors are more likely to receive a dog’s love and affection. The Yorkie Times will discuss the process through which dogs select their favorite human and provide tips on how to become your dog’s preferred individual.

7 Ways to Bond With Your Yorkie

Pawsitive Association

Yorkies show preferences based on associations. In simpler terms, when an individual is the provider of pleasant experiences, the dog develops a connection. A dog will develop affection towards the person who consistently engages in a game of tug of war or generously offers their favorite pungent beef liver treat. They understand that the individual who feeds them most frequently holds significant importance in their lives. Dogs possess intelligence and are capable of linking all these enjoyable experiences with the person responsible for them. If a married couple shares a dog but one of them assumes a greater role in taking care of the pet, the dog will distinguish who to approach when seeking assistance.

The greater number of pleasant encounters you have with your canine companion, the stronger their connection to you will be associated with happiness. Conversely, dogs typically display negative reactions towards individuals they associate with negative experiences. That’s why you won’t witness Fido developing friendships with veterinarians. If you aspire to be their preferred human, compile a list of your dog’s preferred pastimes and engage in them more frequently. It is important to minimize adverse interactions, such as utilizing severe disciplinary measures or reprimanding.

Provider of Security

Yorkies possess inherent impulses to remain vigilant and cautious of potential threats. It is innate for dogs to desire a gap between themselves and anything they perceive as dangerous. There exist specific actions and qualities that can decrease a person’s appeal to dogs. To illustrate, dogs perceive loud sounds or abrupt motions as anxiety-inducing. Certain dogs may even keep their distance from individuals who exhibit certain behaviors.

Some children can be troubling for dogs due to their erratic behavior. They might taunt or physically provoke a dog while it is resting. If your dog perceives you as a provider of security rather than a source of disturbance, it will be more inclined to gravitate toward you. This is another rationale behind why we should never raise our voices toward our dogs, as it induces feelings of stress and anxiety.

Similar Personalities

Personality plays a role in how Yorkies select their preferred humans. Just as individuals tend to befriend others who have similar personalities and energy levels, dogs also choose their favorite humans based on these factors. For instance, an energetic dog that is constantly on the go and enjoys playing all day will naturally be drawn to a similarly active person. On the other hand, a calm and relaxed dog that prefers tranquillity over noise will choose a person who values the same. The key is to establish a connection that provides comfort and familiarity. If you notice that you are more active than your dog, try to lower your activity levels and adjust your energy to match theirs. They will appreciate the effort.

Speaking to Yorkies

Researchers have discovered that utilizing canine communication techniques enhances our relationship with dogs. Canine-directed speech involves using a high-pitched tone and expressing exaggerated emotions, similar to how adults often speak to infants. In a series of tests, dogs were spoken to in both a high-pitched voice and a regular adult voice. Scientists then observed which speaker the dogs responded to and desired to interact with. Interestingly, the experiment unveiled that dogs were more inclined to prefer the speaker who employed a high-pitched voice. Consequently, dedicating 15 minutes every day to conversing with your pet is an excellent method to gain their favor.

Socialization is Key

The way your canine companion was socialized as a pup can have an impact on the people they are attracted to in the future. Many dogs form the strongest bonds with those who take care of them during their crucial socialization period, which occurs from birth to six months of age. During this time, puppies’ minds are highly receptive to new experiences, and their early social encounters shape them for the rest of their lives.

For instance, if your dog was primarily exposed to women during their important socialization period, they may form a closer bond with the women in your household. Similarly, if a four-month-old puppy has a negative encounter with a man, it will be difficult for them to form a bond with that man or anyone who reminds them of him later in life. However, it is important to note that getting your dog later in life does not mean you are at a disadvantage. Dogs do not choose who they like solely based on these specific characteristics. Your relationship with the dog also plays a significant role.

Importance of Quality Time

The person whom a dog favors the most is often the individual who dedicates effort to spending meaningful time with them. It is crucial to not mistake this for the person who spends the most time with the dog. There is a clear difference between quantity and quality, and your furry friend comprehends this well.

Quality time involves building a stronger connection that goes beyond merely coexisting in the same household. Dogs tend to form strong bonds with individuals who give them attention and affection. Partaking in passive activities such as watching TV together has a lesser impact on your relationship compared to engaging in active games or challenging training sessions.

Remember that dogs have an innate instinct to function as part of a team. Consistent training, even if you perceive the tricks as trivial, will improve communication between you and your dog. Effective communication serves as the foundation for all healthy relationships, whether with a dog or any other being.

Understand Their Body Language

Were you aware that numerous dogs dislike being kissed or hugged and that they prefer not to be disturbed while eating? Your canine companion can convey a great deal through their physical gestures if you are familiar with what to observe. By comprehending how dogs communicate, you can prevent stress and ensure their comfort. This will foster a strong bond and enhance their trust in you. Since dogs are unable to verbalize their emotions, it is our responsibility to observe and safeguard them. When you assume the role of their protector, you can be certain that your dog will feel nothing but love.

In order to determine if you are your dog’s preferred human, you should evaluate your relationship and observe how they interact with other individuals in your household. This is the only way to ascertain if their affection is exclusive to you or if they are equally loving towards everyone. When a dog selects you as their favorite, they will develop a stronger connection with you. It should not come as a surprise if they choose to sleep beside you, follow you, lean on you, or take your smelly clothes. These personal and intimate behaviors undeniably indicate your Yorkie feels a deep closeness to you.

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