Along with their adorable good looks and high energy, Yorkies are intelligent and persistent. Because they often have “big-dog” personalities in small dog bodies, it’s important to train them and give them a little self-discipline.

Yorkie Basic Training

Yorkies need to be housetrained and taught basic commands, at the very least, and it’s generally necessary to educate these little watchdogs away from excessive barking.Fortunately, Yorkies are easily teachable, provided you follow a few simple tips:

1 – Reward, don’t punish.

Dogs generally don’t benefit from punishment, since a wide range of attention can be rewarding for them. Immediate positive reinforcement with praise and a treat is the most effective way to train any dog.

Remember to reduce normal food intake slightly if you’re rewarding with lots of treats; Yorkies can easily put on a little too much weight.

2 – Keep Training Sessions Brief.

Yorkies have a short attention span, and long training sessions will rapidly diminish in effectiveness. Try for short, 4-5 minute training sessions throughout the day, focusing on a single command.

But also keep in mind that every interaction with your dog is an opportunity to reinforce training.

3 – Consistency is key.

Yorkies are remarkably stubborn, and no amount of training will be effective if you don’t reinforce it over and over. Inconsistency confuses your dog and undermines all your training efforts.

Your Yorkie will probably try your patience at times, but remember that these little charmers are also closely bonded to humans and want to please you.Be clear and consistent, and your Yorkie will work hard to be a good companion to you and your family. For more tips and support on training your Yorkie, check out our other training articles.

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