The Perfect Name for Your Yorkie Pup

Yorkies, with a long and intriguing history, have been companion dogs for over 100 years. Bred in Yorkshire, England, to hunt rats in cotton and wool mills, they’re feisty and loving, tough and intelligent, small in size but giant in personality! No wonder they’re one of the most popular breeds today.
Now you’ve brought home your new Yorkie puppy and are searching for the perfect name. When deciding what to call your new friend, first consider these rules:
  • The best names have one or two syllables, easy to call out and best for your puppy to understand.
  • If you already have an older dog, pick a name that sounds totally different from his or her name. Then neither dog will be confused.
  • Choose a name that will last throughout your puppy’s life. While Nippy is cute now, it may not fit your adult companion.
  • Steer clear of names that sound similar to commands (“Jay” sounds like “Stay”), so your pup will always know when and how to respond to your words.
There are many famous Yorkies and one of their names may just fit the bill for your puppy too. Huddersfield Ben and Katie were both Yorkies famous for establishing breed standards in the 1800s.
  • Smoky was a World War II hero, parachuting from airplanes with American troops on more than 100 missions.
  • Pascha lived in the White House with her family, the Nixons.
  • And most experts believe that L. Frank Baum, when writing The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, described Toto as a Yorkie.
Some well-known owners and their companions are Audrey Hepburn (Mr. Famous), Hillary Duff (Jack), Naomi Watts (Bob), Vanessa Williams (Enzo), Britney Spears (Bit Bit and London) and Miley Cyrus (Roadie).
You may like to name your pet for his size or plucky personality with male names such as Atom, Bonsai, Bugsy, Bullet, Button, Doodle, Nacho, Pippin, Scrappy, Sparky, Spunky, Sterling, Webster or Zipper. Female names include Angie, Bambi, Blossom, Chiclet, Coco, Daisy, Filly, Mignon, Nutmeg, Pixie, Poppy, Sassy, Smidgen or Tuppence.
Or use place names straight from the Yorkshire region: Aston, Atwick, Burley, Clayton, Dalby, Filey, Harland, Humber, Jagger, Kirby, Preston, Shambles, Shipley, Sutton, Swallow, Wentworth, Winder or Yapham.Whatever name you choose, every dog is unique and deserves a unique name. What will you call your new companion?To learn more about the wonderful Yorkie, contact us today.

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