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How small was your Yorkie when you brought them home?

Yorkie’s first morning is a very exciting time. If it is your Yorkie who is giving birth, you are nervous and happy all at the same time. Whelping is what the canine birth process is called. Your Yorkie has natural instincts and will do most of the work. While you are nervous and excited about the puppies, remember to remain calm! We all know that our Yorkies can pick up on our energy and feelings.Hopefully, if your Yorkie is in labor, you have time to get to a vet or someone with prior experience. If not, here are some tips for helping her through the whelping.

Yorkie First Morning Nesting Area

In the weeks leading up to the due date, prepare a nesting area for your Yorkie. You will want to give her space by putting in her bed (Rosie has three beds) or a bow with towels and blankets so she knows that she is safe and comfortable. Make sure that there is food and drink near the nesting area so that your Yorkie knows that she doesn’t need to leave her puppies for it.

Yorkie First Morning Cleaning Them Up

Once the puppies are born, make sure that your Yorkie cleans her puppies. Give your Yorkie a minute or two to take the sac off her puppy and start cleaning the puppy. You may need to step in if she is taking a long time because you want to make sure that the puppies are breathing and clean.

Yorkie First Morning Nursing

Puppies should start nursing within 1-3 hours of delivery. Sometimes there are some issues, so you may need to place the puppy in front of a nipple and gently squeeze out some milk so that they know where to latch onto. If the puppy still isn’t taking to it, you may need to tube or bottle feed with puppy formula.

Yorkies are small but mighty dogs

When I first met Loki, he could barely make it up two stairs. He tried and failed… I felt really bad that he fell back but he shook it off like a champion and barked while he impatiently waited for me to come back down.Yorkies come in a variety of sizes. Loki was a ‘big bruiser’ at 16 lbs while Rosie is only 8 lbs. The American Kennel Club states that the standard weight for Yorkshire Terriers cannot “exceed 7 pounds”. Guess my dogs are out of the running!Don’t tell your Yorkie but they are in the toy dog group but the American Kennel Club does not recognize “teacups”, “micros”, or “mini”. When a YorkieLet us know in the comments and share this little guy’s first eye-opening moments with your friends.


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