The issue of Sex – Male vs Female Yorkie

Yorkies can be a challenge, any Yorkie lover will tell you that. A challenge that is well worth it. Yorkies are bundles of love and affection that never want to leave your side. They are so sweet and wonderful that you will forgive any challenge they set for you. That is why it is so important to select the correct Yorkie to match your needs. One of the many factors that go into choosing the right Yorkie is what sex your Yorkie should be.

It’s important to note that these are generalizations on Yorkies. Every Yorkie will have its own personality and quirks that may not fit these generalizations.

This is just a guide to help you get started. 

The Yorkie Times male yorkie

Male Yorkies

There is a misconception that female Yorkies are more loving and affectionate than male Yorkies. This could be no further from the truth. Male Yorkies are just as likely to be affectionate and attached cuddle bugs as their female counterparts. Don’t let those rumors stop you from considering a male Yorkie!

There are a few traits that make a male Yorkie. For one thing, a male Yorkie may attempt to make themselves the head of the house more than female ones. This dominance behavior is seen in both sexes of dog, but boys tend to be more gung-ho about it. There’s no need to worry though! If you establish yourself in the beginning as the head honcho and do not let your dog rule the roost the problem can be minimized!

Male Yorkies also do a lot more marking than female Yorkies. Marking is not done to empty a bladder, but in order for other dogs to know who has been there. Female Yorkies do mark, much to the surprise of many, but male Yorkies do it much more.

Male Yorkies also tend to be less aloof than female Yorkies. They are likely to always want your attention and affection.

Female Yorkies

Female Yorkies are as wonderful as male Yorkies, but there are things you have to consider. If you are not planning on spaying your female Yorkie she can go into heat cycles which may make her moody or tired. Not all female Yorkies fall into that cycle when they’re in heat, but it’s not unusual to see a female who wants to laze around until it’s all over.Female Yorkies can also be more territorial than a male Yorkie (though an unneutered male Yorkie can be as territorial!) and they may have more nesting behaviors. They may try to pull soft things into their beds to make nests and prepare for puppies.Female Yorkies can also be more aloof than males. They may run up to you for love and affection, but then once they get their fill, run off and want alone time.

So What’s Your Choice?

While there are differences in the sexes, Yorkies eat the same amount of food and are the same size no matter the sex. They’re both wonderful balls of fluff and love who will brighten your day and want to go everywhere you go. There’s nothing wrong with getting a male, a female, or even both! It’s all up to preference and personality.If you would like to know more, feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear from you. 

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