By Connie Ragen Green 

Introducing New Pets Into Your Yorkie Home

Yorkshire terriers can be sensitive, stubborn and territorial all at the same time. If you bring a new pet into your home, you will see a side of your Yorkie that you did not know existed in the past.Yorkies like to be the only pet in your home. You may already have other dogs or cats so she will find her place among the group and look for a way to stand out. This may occur by her doing whatever she can to get your attention. Attention-grabbing ideas may range from vomiting right in front of you to hiding in a closet or under a bed so that you will have to search for her. Yorkshire terriers will do most anything to be the center of attention.

Is it a new Cat or Dog?

When you introduce a new pet, whether it is a dog or a cat, into your home, your Yorkie will be taken aback and have to think about how to react. The goal will be to edge out the new pet and put the focus back on them. You are the human so you will be the one to deal with this situation.
One way is to give each of your pets private time with you. Even if it is only five minutes a day, take each one into your bedroom or another room of the house where they can have you all to themselves. Play with them and cuddle with them so that they feel like they are the only pet in your life.With a new pet you will want to pet both of them at the same time to show that you love both of them equally. Go out of your way to make sure everything is fair, including the amount of food each of them gets, as well as how much attention you show.Training your Yorkshire terrier can be both challenging and rewarding. 
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