Never Mind A Gaggle Of Geese, We Want A Pack of Yorkies

I found some fun videos on Yorkies in small and big packs having fun and making lots of noise!!

A Pack of Yorkies Playing Nice with North American Retrievers

Love this video – all these Yorkies having a nice dinner with North American Retrievers. They aren’t fighting over the food and don’t react when their human moves their bowl.I know with Loki, the book I had on Yorkies recommended I put my hand in his bowl and let him know that I was in charge of the food to head off any aggression.Did you do something similar when you trained your Yorkie?

A Mini Pack of Yorkies

I dare you to smile when you watch these Sweeties!

The Pack of Yorkies Protecting And Swimming

These guys take a break from their swim to protect their home from the guy who keeps taking away their grass.

Pack of Adorableness

OMG – these babies are adorable. Rosie was searching for them when she heard the video.
Have you got some Yorkie cuteness to share?  Mini or big pack of Yorkies – we want them all.Let us know below.

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