Friday! Friday!! Friday! Possibly the best day of the week. As we reach the end of the workweek we hope these posts make the start of your weekend even more enjoyable. Follow us for more Friday Fur-Baby Fun!

1. Yorkie Gardener

Spring is in full swing. Time for all the outdoor activities we love.

See how this hardworking Yorkie decides to do their part in helping their owner tend the garden.

Don’t forget some plants can be dangerous for your Yorkie. Check out a list of safe plants here.

2. Boots with the Fur

Yorkie hairstyles come in all shapes and sizes. This style gives boots with the fur a whole new meaning.

Check out as this Yorkie gets a fresh new cut worthy of the song.

Need grooming tips? Read our list of 5 Grooming Tips for New Yorkie Parents.

3. Is It Playtime Yet?

Playtime with our Fur-Babies is the highlight of not only our day but theirs as well.Β 

This puppy is tired of waiting. Look at this irresistible face as they are waiting to play with their owner.

4. Morning Pets

Bedhead and all! This adorable Yorkie can’t wait for their morning pets.

Watch this cute interaction between best friends.

5. Not So Fast Food

This Yorkie is ready for their order. They want it now!Β 

Let’s hope the ice cream machine is working for their sake.

6. Bike Ride Time?

Including our furry friends in our favorite pastimes can bring us closer together.Β 

Watch this Yorkie and owner prepare for a bike ride to enjoy the fantastic spring weather.Β 

@j__diez This is how I carry my yorkkie Suri when we go on a bike ride…#yorkie #yorkiesoftiktok #yorkies #yorkielover #yorkielife #yorkielovers #yorkielove #yorkshireterrier #biker #bikers #bikersoftiktok #doggie #doggies #doggiesoftiktok ♬ Little Bitty Pretty One – Thurston Harris

7. I Got a Big One!

Sometimes our Yorkies don’t quite get it. This energetic pup loves to fetch without bringing back the ball.Β 

Check out this ingenious toy created so this pair can still enjoy fetch.

@kerriedj Koly loves his new toy!πŸ˜‚πŸΎ #yorkie #yorkiemom #sundayfunday #fetch #yorkshireterrier #puppylove #fishing ♬ original sound – Ms. Kerrieeee

8. Cheeese

Photo filters are a great way to pass time. We love all the goofy ways they can change our pictures.Β 

These filters are even goofier when shared with our Yorkies.

Look at this image and tell me I’m wrong.

9. Springtime Vibes

Weekend lounging can be a great way to relax and wind down from a long work week.Β 

See how this Yorkie and owner are spending their time soaking in the springtime vibes.

10. Beach Trip!!!

Fun in the sun solves all problems, especially when it’s on a beach.Β 

Take a peek at this absolutely precious puppy enjoying their time in the sand.

We hope you all have a fantastic Friday and a phenomenal weekend. Stay tuned with us for our new Friday Fur-Baby series. For more fun and informative posts, follow our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for all things Yorkies!

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