TGIF! Time for another round of Friday Fur-Baby Love. Hopefully, these posts make your day a bit more enjoyable.

1. Hey Bestie

Dogs are a man’s best friend after all.

The cuteness of the video is almost too much. Look how Chip decides to share his feelings with you.

@chipthetinyyorkie Hi bestie, love you! Thanks for following little Chip! #yorkiesoftiktok #yorkiecommunity #yorkiepuppy #teacupyorkie #tinypuppyvideo #yorkiemama #thecutestpuppyever #chipthetinyyorkie #funnyyorkievideos #fypage #trendingpuppy #smalldoglovers #fyp #thankfulforyou #loveyouguyssomuch ♬ original sound – The DIMI Family

2. Karen, is that you?

We all have our moments when enough is enough. See how this smarty pants put their foot down.

3. Hide and Seek Champion

Playtime with our pups can leave us with smiles from ear to ear. See how this couple plays hide and seek with their Yorkie.

4. Boo

Sometimes our furry friends forget the need for personal space. Whether on the couch or in bed, we have seen this image before. 

5. Birthday Princess

Whether you celebrate a birthday or the whole week, everyone deserves to be treated like a princess.

6. Yorkie Cosplay

This majestic Yorkie poses regally for their time to shine. This collaboration between pet and owner deserves all the attention.

Any Game of Throne fans?

7. Dress Up Diva

Fit check!

This fashionable Yorkie is enjoying spring in style. Spring into the season with some new Yorkie outfits.

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8. Chillin Like a Villain

It is little moments like these that bring us closer to our Yorkies. Our little bundles of energy eventually tucker out and give us a chance for those adorable Yorkie Snuggles

Any belly rubs?

9. Good Morning

We aren’t the only ones who need our coffee first thing in the morning. See how this Yorkie starts their day in the cutest way imaginable.

@lillytheyorkieee My funny girl 😂💕 #yorkie #yorkiesoftiktok #puppy #cutedog #yorkshireterrier #MakeADogsDay #lilly #yorkiemom #AFairShotWithBlock ♬ original sound – For You

10. Rise and Shine

Just 5 more minutes. 

Is what this owner could have had except for his second alarm clock. 

Dog duty calls.

We hope you all have a fantastic Friday and a phenomenal weekend. Stay tuned with us for our new Friday Fur-Baby series. For more fun and informative posts, follow our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for all things Yorkies!

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