The great thing about Yorkies is that they love to cuddle and snuggle.

It always makes me laugh when Loki flops himself down next to me and lets out a big sigh of relief.

How to snuggle with your Yorkie!

There’s no better way to connect with your Yorkie than a loving snuggle. Both Yorkies (dogs) and humans share a need for touch, whether it’s spooning while we sleep, or being comforted during a storm ~ cue the barking!

Why snuggle a Yorkie?

Apart from the obvious reason that we love to do it, touch is one of the most important ways to let our Yorkies know how much they mean to us and our lives. A well-timed cuddle can convey praise, comfort, reassurance and, of course, love. Snuggling with your Yorkie might seem like just a simple and lovely way to connect for a few minutes, but there are a number of ways your touch can positively impact your Yorkie’s state of mind.

A Yorkie that’s sad or depressed after a loved one leaves for a trip or goes back to university will find comfort in some extra snuggle time.

Let’s not forget about the power of a well-timed pet for a job well done; a chest scratch after a speedy recall is a fantastic way to tell your Yorkie “good job!” 

Yorkie snuggles do double duty

Cuddle time can do double duty as a chance to perform simple health and wellness checks on your Yorkie. Slow down while you’re petting and really focus on connecting with your Yorkie, you’re more likely to pick up on changes to their body, like lumps, bald patches, abrasions, and ticks.

Gentle petting can also be a gateway to helping Yorkies learn to accept the handling of their “iffy” areas, like ears and paws. If your dog enjoys frequent ears massages, they’ll be less likely to balk when it comes time to administer ear medication.

Bonding with your Yorkie is vital to your relationship. Yorkie snuggles are a great way to work on that!

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