Most families bring new furry family members into their lives during the springtime. The Yorkie Times wants to celebrate these special moments with a Friday Fur-Baby Fun: Yorkie Puppies Edition!

We hope these adorable babies bring a smile to your face and invoke great memories you have with your Yorkie!

1. Puppy Glow-Up

Time flies by when we least want it to. 

The first year with a Yorkie puppy is a rollercoaster of memorable moments and some you might not want to remember. *cough* potty training

Watch this puppy grow up before your eyes.

2. Yorkie Family

This is a sight rarely seen by most except when bringing home our fur babies for the first time. 

Look at this Yorkie family experiencing the world with fresh perspectives. 

3. Yorkie Mom First Meeting

Birthdays and holidays are a great time to bring a furry friend into your family. 

See how the new Yorkie mom reacted to meeting her baby for the first time. 

The Yorkie Times has several posts on Yorkie Training that can come in handy for learning how your pup communicates and thinks. Click here to browse our articles!

4. Sassy Yorkie Gets Amazing Grooming

Training our Yorkies comes with a lot of responsibility and dedication. From potty training to grooming and socialization, it is important to make sure our Yorkie puppies are prepared for life ahead.

This groomer is handling getting this fur baby accustomed to grooming in the most comfortable way possible.

Some owners might choose to groom their Yorkies themselves. Have no fear! The Yorkie Times is here to help. Read our grooming tips for new Yorkie parents here!

5. Yorkie Journey Home

These Yorkie parents wanted to capture the memory of bringing home their puppy for the first time. 

See the entire journey from driving to get their baby to its first days at home. 

6. One With The Pillow

That looks like one comfy pillow.

This young pup is relaxing waiting for the day to meet his furever family. 

7. Attitude Check

You can already tell this Yorkie is gonna be all attitude. 

That look still melts the heart even when he is mad. 

8. Finn The Yorkie

Our puppies get older, but they never lose their cuteness. 

Watch this video of Finn as a puppy.

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9. Jax’s First Meeting

Getting a Yorkie can be a big decision.

Watch the reaction of this proud new mom after her fiance finally gave in. 

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10. Wrong Way!

This Yorkie definitely does not have its driver’s license. 

We hope you all have a fantastic Friday and a phenomenal weekend. Stay tuned with us for our new Friday Fur-Baby series. For more fun and informative posts, follow our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for all things Yorkies!

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