It’s been a long week and we could all use a pick me up, so enjoy the fun Yorkies we found this week!

1. The Unstoppable Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkie’s trademark golden brown and black coloring resembles a favorite Star Wars character we all love as much as our pets. We know in their hearts, our Yorkies are unstoppable

Who agrees?

2. Dancing Yorkie

There is no better day to celebrate than a Friday. Whether it is the end of your work week or celebrating the holiday off.

Take a page out of this adorable Yorkies book and celebrate in style!

3. Yorkie Cuteness Overload

There are no words to describe this picture besides cute. Definitely not lazy, after all it is exhausting being this adorable.

Often our loveable fur balls warm our hearts and bring us endless joy.

Don’t overlook the little moments and enjoy all our time together.

4. Honest Yorkie Life Review!

Yorkies are known to be energetic and quite the handful. They are constantly on the move and active. The payoff for the affection and comfort they proved is only matched by their energy.


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♬ The Chicken Wing Beat – Ricky Desktop

5. Yorkie Cute or Crazy?

Need a pick-me-up this Friday? Check out this vid for constant smiles and laughs.

These lovable furballs never cease to amaze.

6. Does your Yorkie Snuffle?

Yorkie noises just come with the territory. From those adorable honks to sneezing fits that seem to never end.

We love everything about our Yorkies.

7. Puppy Side-Eye?

This adorable puppy clearly has some questions about what their human is doing.  

Can you come up with a fun caption?

8. It’s the Little Things

Sometimes we tend to overcomplicate life.

Look around and learn from our furry friends and enjoy the quiet times. You don’t need many things to make you happy.

Enjoy your company.

9. Surf’s Up Yorkie Style

We aren’t the only ones ready for warmer weather. Yorkies enjoy outdoor activities just as much as us.

Take a look at this Yorkie ready for some fun in the sun!

10. Big Things in Yorkie Small Packages

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to the love for our Yorkies. Big or small we love them the same.

Check out this adorable pint-sized pup!

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