Yorkie Bathtime Shenanigans

Ah, Yorkie bathtime! Sometimes Yorkies love baths and sometimes they don’t. There is a balance between not grooming your Yorkies and grooming them too much.When it comes to baths, if you give them too often you can dry out their skin as well as the act of scrubbing too often will be abrasive to the skin and coat. Their hair will lose its strength and the coat will weaken.If you bath your yorkie too rarely, their coat can start to look and feel oily because it isn’t being cleaned. Their skin pores can clog and the coat can start to smell. Happens to Rosie once in a while.We asked the awesome Yorkie Times community what their Yorkies reactions are to baths.Here is a list of different reactions to the word: BATHTIME!

Yorkie Bathtime Pouting

Yorkie Bathtime Hide’n’Seek

  • As soon as the word bath is said, he runs and hides under the bed… every time!

Yorkie Bathtime Groomers

  • Thank goodness for the groomer! My Yorkies would run out of the house if they could.

Yorkie Bathtime Relationships

  • Three of mine love it and the other hates it.
It is funny how Loki loved going into the local creek. He’d run in during his walks but put him near a bath and I would get such a look of betrayal.Do you have stories or photo of your fur-babies bath antics to share?We can’t wait to see them.

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