Dog Houses Keep Your Dog Protected

If you have a dog that stays outside, even for a few minutes, you need to get a dog house for your pet. Small dogs are especially vulnerable to the weather, so make sure you pamper your pooches properly by buying appropriate dog houses using the following tips:
  • Just like housing for humans, dog houses range from basic to designer, with the respective price tags attached. Again, like housing for humans, you need to take into account the basic needs of the occupant, your dog. Your dog’s size and coat will help you in your search for prime pup real estate.
  • A dog house offers basic shelter from the elements. You definitely should not buy a McMansion for your Yorkie. Your dog doesn’t care about impressing the neighbors with his digs, he wants to stay warm.

Dog houses need to fit to needs of your Yorkie

So for your dog to be happy, pick a dog house that is big enough for your dog to stand up and turn around in, but not much bigger than that because your dog’s body heat helps warm up the dog house in the winter. For small dogs and dogs from warmer climates, look for insulated or double-walled dog houses. Insulated dog houses stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer, just like human houses. If you get a lot of wind, you may want to add a door, which is available for most dog houses. Finally, if you live in an area of extreme hot or cold, you may consider a heated or air-conditioned house for your dog, but I would recommend checking with your vet first.

Dog houses need to be accessorized too!

You should also provide bedding inside your dog’s house. Old towels, blankets, or sheets make good bedding. In wintertime, put a thick folded layer down for insulation from the cold ground, then put more bedding on top. In the summertime, put just enough bedding in so your dog can choose to lie on the cool floor of his dog house or on the bedding.Now you have your dog house. But where should you put it? The placement of dog houses should be less about where it looks good and more about where he will like it. Most dogs will not use a poorly-placed dog house unless the weather is horrible.

Place the dog house is important

Try to face dog houses where they get the most sun in cold climates and the least sun in warm climates, where there is not a lot of wind, and where your dog can keep an eye on you and your property. If he doesn’t want to go to his house after a few weeks, try simply rotating the dog house or move it to a new location.Every dog should have a dog house if they are outside without human supervision. Little dogs especially can get cold very quickly in inclement weather. At the same time, some dogs won’t ever use a dog house, so don’t feel too bad if your dog chooses to sit on his house in the rain. At least he has a dog house to use however he wants.

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