Is your Yorkie a talker?

Pay attention to me cries the Yorkie Talker! Let’s be real, anyone with a Yorkie knows exactly what a Yorkie Talker is!This little guy is definitely talking up a storm. Chewie (or Chewbarka) does not like the fact that his mama isn’t picking him up.Yorkies are adorable and I can’t believe how much his mama is restraining herself.

What is a Yorkie Talker?

A Yorkie who like to talk aka Yorkie Talker is a rambunctious bundle of fur who likes to let you know that they are there.My little guy, Loki, does too. Rosie lets anyone who passes by our home know that she is there and watching. Whenever we go for a walk, Rosie barks for the first block. She has to let everyone know that she is around.
You know what’s funny?Rosie barks like a madwoman until another dog is within a few feet and then she suddenly gets quiet as we pass. Then she barks and bounces around to show how ‘tuff’ she truly is!Here are nine dog breeds are known to be talkers and surprise, surprise… Yorkies are listed last. Obviously, because they saved the best dog breed for last!“They can also be rather demanding and are considered “naturally yappy,” using their yips and barks to express pleasure and displeasure alike.”Does this remind you of a furball that lives in your home? Did you have to train your Yorkie Talker to be a little bit quieter?This article lists 20 dogs that are known as talkative dog breeds that bark a lot and there are a bunch of different Yorkies listed. I wonder if they are trying to tell us something?!Let us know in the comments below if your Yorkie is a talker and share with your friends.


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