Five Whys To Socialize

Have you ever met a dog that seemed scared of everything, from meeting new people to getting groomed? What would help that pup master his anxiety is socializing with other dogs and people. Socializing yorkies is incredibly important at all ages.Most social learning happens during puppyhood, between the ages of 8-12 weeks, though older dogs benefit from social contact too. Meeting new people, playing with new dogs, smelling new smells in new parks – all these unique experiences help a dog lose the fear of the unknown and, with your help, develop confidence.But is it important? Very definitely – here are five reasons why:

1 – Health.

A happy Yorkie is a healthy one too! When your pet is afraid, her body reacts with a “fight or flight” hormone surge, increasing heart rate, respiration and blood pressure. If this is only an occasional occurrence, the body is not harmed. But long-term chronic stress hormone release can affect the kidneys, intestines, muscles and immune system. Facing new situations without fear keeps a pup’s body working well.

2 – Exercise.

Romping, rolling and dashing in the park are important to your companion’s well-being. And where better to do this than at the dog park? Feeling comfortable with other dogs, unknown adults and children makes exercise easy and fun – for both your pet and you.

3 – Vet Visits.

Going to the doctor can be stressful for everyone. But vet visits go smoothly when your Yorkie is comfortable with new surroundings and with being held by the vet or vet technician. A calm pup tolerates having his ears and teeth checked, his vital signs taken and vaccinations given. This protects him as well – a complete physical exam every year keeps him in tip-top shape.

4 – Grooming.

Like vet visits, a groomer needs your Yorkie to remain calm and still, so her hair can be cut correctly and her toenails trimmed. Frequent interactions with new people and new noises – as well as frequent home grooming and just playing with your pup’s feet and toes – will help your pet lose fear of grooming and tolerate it perfectly.

5 – Travel.

You want your pup with you, on long trips and just going to the shops. When your Yorkie is confident in new places, she will be ready to sleep well, eat well and potty well, even when surrounded by strange noises and new scents. And those new experiences – faced with calm self-assurance – have an added benefit. They make your pet’s life fuller, more stimulating and more fun.

For more tips on keeping your Yorkie healthy and happy, check out our training section today.

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