Yorkie Socialization is REALLY Important for their Health


Dogs are man’s best friend for a reason. Our beloved pets love us unconditionally and only ask for the same in return. Learning social skills have a multitude of benefits for our canine companions.

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1. Yorkie Interaction

Negative behavior patterns may form without proper interaction with other humans and other dogs.

2. Builds Confidence

By feeling more at ease in social settings, this eases tension and makes your Yorkie feel confident and secure. This sense of confidence will ultimately lead to a happier Yorkie.

3. Better Relations with Neighbors

No one likes to feel apprehensive when a neighbor’s dog approaches them, but if your Yorkie is socialized, the actions will speak for themselves.

4. Helps Reduce Fear and Anxiety

Socialization of your Yorkie will benefit by not only reducing fear and anxiety within them but also with the Yorkie owner. New surroundings should not be stressful, but without proper socialization, your Yorkie may feel overwhelmed leading to fear and anxiety, which may lead to hormonal imbalances.

5. Helps Regulate Hormones

Imbalances of hormones such as Adrenalin and Corticosteroids can lead to health issues such as a decrease in blood flow to the kidneys and intestines as well as an increase in muscle breakdown. The immune system may also become compromised leading to more visits to the veterinarian.

6. Exercise


We all know the benefits of exercise for humans, but they are also just as vital for our Yorkie. Without adequate activity, your Yorkie may experience an altered mood. Taking walks throughout the day will benefit both you and your Yorkie as it will increase blood flow, as well as releasing pent-up energy which the Yorkie breed has plenty of to go around.

Be an amazing alpha by socializing your yorkie!


Our pets rely on us to take care of them and socialization is key to having a happier, healthier and more confident companion. The Yorkie breed packs a lot of love and loyalty in a tiny package, so let the bark breakthrough!

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