Yorkies do best when they are sociable and easy to get along with.

A happy Yorkie is a pleasure to be around but an unsociable Yorkie can make life difficult. Socializing your Yorkie will make the difference in having a furbaby that loves to mingle with other dog friends and people.

Everyone loves a cute little Yorkie who is well-mannered and easy to get along with.

Here is how-to socialize your Yorkie so they will be welcomed members of the home and community. Unlike bigger dogs, a tiny Yorkie in a huge human world is easily frightened and must be handled with loving care at all times. Harsh words and punishment will make some tiny toy breeds less inclined to mingle.

Keep in mind when you socialize your Yorkie

The best time to socialize any dog is during puppy-hood and starting at a very young age of a few days old. A reputable breeder knows how to prepare puppies to lead a happy sociable life and a sign of a good breeder is well-adjusted friendly puppies who are not shy or afraid when they run up to meet you or go to new homes.

Yorkies who are adopted at an older age or obtain from previous owners who are not the original breeder often come with little history of socializing or training. Once the Yorkie gets settled into a new home unsociable behavior might surface and need to be corrected.

How-To Socialize your Yorkie

  1. Introduce the Yorkie to new people often in different settings.
  2. Let new people pet and hold the Yorkie. Always ask the person to be careful not to drop them.
  3. Introduce the Yorkie to dogs and other pets you know who are gentle and non-threatening so they have a good experience.
  4. Do not give the Yorkie attention for acting bad. Praise the behavior you want and ignore bad behavior if possible or crate the Yorkie for “time-out’ then try again in a few minutes making sure to praise good behavior only.
  5. Attend obedience classes to meet other dogs, people and learn more.

Visit Yorkie Times online to read more about socializing Yorkies and mixed Yorkie dogs, like Morkies or Dorkies. Contact us at Yorkie Times for more information.

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