Where there is a will there is a way!  Especially a Yorkie Way!  Do you love mysteries? Don’t you think “The Great Yorkie Escape” would be a great title for a mystery book?

Well, while we are waiting for that book, check out these three!

3 Daring Yorkie Escapes

 We’ve got 2 crates and a great big box, at least if you are Yorkie size.  These are all determined and smart little guys.


1 – The Pink Crate Yorkie Escape

This little beauty is very determined that she will not stay put and it takes her seconds to get out.  How clever is she?


2 – The Great Box Boundary Escape

This cute Yorkie/Chihuahua cross is determined not to be held back by the box blocking the door, even if it is twice his size!  I know cats like to get into boxes, but forever puppies definitely want to escape them 🙂

3 – The Puzzle Crate Yorkie Escape

This very determined little Yorkie had a two piece puzzle to figure out and got out in 30 minutes. 
I know not everyone is comfortable with crate training, but it is a very good and safe way to train, despite some great escapes.  Loki’s crate turned into his own safe haven.  He put himself in it when every he needed some time away from too much company.Did you crate train?  And did you have an escape artist?  Let us know below.

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