Winters can be long without outdoor fun

With the temperatures dropping and winter weather (insert shivers) moves in, it can become harder to burn off your yorkie’s endless energy! We have two creative ideas to keep the cabin fever at bay. These activities are great for winter days to get your yorkie exercise, enrichment and entertainment.

Dogs are like us, so make sure to speak with your veterinarian before starting any new exercise routine with your yorkie.

Winter Fun: Build an Indoor Agility Course

I’ve always thought that Rosie would have a great time with an agility course. When we first got her, she had no idea how to go for a walk but she is so good on walks… well besides the barking! 

An Indoor Agility Course would be perfect because there are some yorkies who don’t like the cold or snow and that’s OK. The agility course doesn’t need to be expensive because you already have everything in your home!

You can set up chairs, blankets, broomsticks, hula hoops, and tons of other items in your house to make the course. If you don’t, the Dollar Store is your friend. 

You can use hand-targeting or treats to lead your yorkie through the obstacles. It’s fun, active and keeps your yorkie warm!

Winter Fun: Head to an Indoor Dog Park

We all know the days where we don’t want to go outside to go to work, let alone take the yorkie for a walk. Could you imagine taking your yorkie to the dog park while it’s freezing cold out?

That’s not fun for anyone!

Your first step is to do a search for local indoor dog parks you could find one nearby! If you don’t have an indoor dog park near you, consider taking your yorkie to a social day at a local doggy daycare or sign up for a training course!

Are there other winter activities that you like to do with your yorkie? Let us know in the comments below!

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